At play with the Love that is everywhere

Love is. It is always there–within each person, within each experience, within each molecule of dancing energy. All the energy is neutral. All the energy is innocent.

Under ego’s guidance, the energy is perceived as threatening, inducing a sense of conflict, struggle, uncertainty and lack. Under the divine guidance, which is another way of saying under the pure guidance of Love itself, the dancing energy is seen with certainty, knowledge, inspiration, and a sense of abundance and plenty no matter what the circumstance. Love provides.

You are now ready to perceive love’s presence as dominant, encompassing, far outshining the limited powers of the thin, brittle illusions ego offers. This is where perception crosses over into vision, in the words of your A Course in Miracles. This is where confusion transitions into clarity.

The thin, brittle surface of the illusion is powerless. It only has the power you, as Love, give to it. You are the power. If you give to the thin, brittle surface of appearances all the power that you are, then you will feel limited and constrained. As you begin to realize that you are the power and the means of vision, you stay rooted in what you are. You stay at Home. You are able to see all others as powerful, too–as that very power.

Because you can see the truth of that innocent power present everywhere, you draw it out in your presence. This is what we call being happy together. There is balance. There is harmony. There is joy. There is a beautiful sense of co-creation.

You share this very beautiful sense of your true identity, the simplicity and transformational power of it because it radiates out from you into the mind-to-mind connections you have, into your physical encounters. Awareness spreads. Happiness spreads. It is spreading right now.

It’s the best job ever! When unconditional happiness and sharing is your job, any other job you might need falls into your lap. Or you’re very attracted to it. Whatever you do becomes a very natural extension of your orientation toward shared happiness.

The struggle is gone because Love’s predominance is recognized. Once it is recognized–within you, within everyone else, within every situation, within every molecule–you realize how very safe and supported we all are. That becomes the reality you see, and your world transforms to represent alignment with that. See the brush in your hand? That is how powerful and creative you are. That is the simple power of love active within everyone. Do you want to see it come out to play today? Simply know that it is there, always, prior to any interpretation, label, definition or judgment.

We are with you as you gaze at the world of your co-creation, and we are always so happy to assist you in seeing the reality of living, vibrant love that always permeates every molecule. Here’s to our joyful co-creation today!

Photo by Maxime Bhm on Unsplash

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