True thoughts

Consider the feeling-quality of the thoughts that occur to you. Most of them are untrue.

The true ones feel true–really solid, really good, foundational, loving, reassuring, comforting, even transformational. The false ones bring up conflict, struggle and judgment. The false ones are relative, in the sense of relatively good versus relatively bad. They have opposites.

A true thought is a shining beacon that has no opposites. What if you only listened to the true thoughts? What if you received all other thoughts in the light you are? You don’t have to believe those thoughts, the disturbing, critical, victimized ones. You don’t have to disbelieve them. You can simply hear them with the intent to benefit. When you intend to benefit, the light that you are encompasses and transmutes those thoughts.

Negative thoughts are nothing you have to fight. Nothing you have to triumph over. Simply see you–the one your thoughts are trying to describe or direct–as the love that surrounds them. As those thoughts are surrounded by the love you are, you will begin to see the energy of those thoughts as love, too. Knowing that there is nothing but love, they transform as you look on. There is no opposition.

Play with the energy of this. Be the surrounding energy–the energy that surrounds you, all that you look upon, all events you experience or visit in thought, all thoughts. You are that love and light, and everything is held in your embrace at all times. See what happens when you hold all those energies in your embrace. They always merge. Every energy–the energy of the thought, the energy of an event, the energy that seems to sum up a person–all energies are receptive to Love because that is what they are.

Watch it all come together.

Photo by Connor McSheffrey on Unsplash

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