Peace is

Why would you extend peace to anyone? Because you want to see what is. You want to recognize the foundational truth that lies beneath everything you see in every moment.

In extending peace, you are focusing on truth and inviting yourself to see that the truth is already present everywhere.

When you feel a lack of peace, you are focusing your attention on the illusion you have made, and you are granting it power over a separate, vulnerable self you call your own. In other words, when you are insistent upon seeing conflicts, you bar from your sight the light that is always present everywhere.

Once you realize that you are doing this, the light that you are is shining upon and dissolving this tendency.

Think about the idea of extending peace to someone. It’s going from you to that other. In extending peace, you are merely bringing to your awareness the ever-present and peaceful connection you always have to all others. You are uncovering the living, benevolent presence of what is always there. You are allowing the illusion you have chosen to recede, and you are inviting the awareness of what is to return.

What is, always is. It is always present. When you invite the love and peace you are into your awareness, it permeates the illusion you have made and transforms your world. The power of transformation is always in your hands, no matter what the circumstance. This is the basis of the peace that passeth all understanding.

When you know yourself and all others as the peace you truly are, all conflict becomes meaningless. When you no longer assign meaning to conflict, what truly is can flow into your experience in perceptible ways.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash


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