Form transforms

When you understand that you are love, and when you know that your greatest opportunity is to look on all you see with love, through the eyes of love, what happens?

You begin to understand the significance of fear, and you become able to meet it lovingly. Fear is a habitual contraction based upon false beliefs. You have developed habits of retreating into contraction for safety and stability, but if you can see this happening, nothing is lost. You are the light that observes this contraction and holds it in love.

The reason fear doesn’t feel good is that it is based upon a lie. When you recognize the simple value of your feelings, you will know how to turn toward truth when you have fallen into habit.

We’re looking at returning to the fulcrum point of the safety and stability of the Now. The Now, always unaffected by the past, is where form transforms.

Feel the vibration of this very alive Now. What comes from this place? You may have visions that indicate what is coming, but you don’t have to know, specifically. If you place your faith and trust in the goodness of the Now energy, the future that unfolds reflects Reality–an alignment with Divine Will.

In the Now, all is scintillating vibration. What forms are birthed from this spot? Become curious about it. If you’re curious about it, you will stay in the Now to see what forms are birthed from it. Actually, you cannot leave the Now, but you can employ illusion to convince yourself that you are other-where and other-when. All the places of other-where and other-when are projections out from the only thing that is, and they always involve conflict.

When you become aware that you have willingly moved your attention to an illusion of conflict, you can be willing to return to the only thing that is here in the Now–Love. A simple return. A simple return. A simple return. As many times as you need, and then an abiding.

As you allow the awareness of Love to return to your inner sight, form transforms. It can be no other way. Form reflects back to you what you have chosen to see.

As you become more and more aware of your moment-to-moment choice, you become accustomed to the power of creatorship, and that begins to radiate from you in very loving ways out into the world.

As you get in touch with your creatorship, the creatorship that has always been, you extend the Love you are out into form in harmony with All That Is. When you feel that it is possible for a separate entity called you to be unfortunate, to be victimized or to make mistakes, you will project those beliefs out into your world. Projection of confusion or extension of Love? Projection of fear or extension of Love? Which do you choose?

Move away from strain. Strain comes from fear. The extension of love is effortless and comes from a rootedness in your divine creatorship. You are love, and you extend love into form. Whenever you forget that, your feelings will tell you, and then you get a chance to remember. You are love, and you extend love into form. This is the truth of you. Are you willing to let the illusions melt away?

Photo by Ybrayym Esenov on Unsplash


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