Meeting waves from the past

When the past comes to visit you, it is your opportunity to meet it with love. This means that you meet the past as you are, not as a false version of you.

When a wave of the past comes upon you, it is a neutral wave. When you meet a wave from the past as the love you are, you remain rooted in your divine creatorship.

Whenever you feel disturbed, it is not some present happening that causes it. This is the familiar formula. You feel disturbed. You look into your present for a place to assign blame. You locate blame in a specific place, and then you take action to fight it or escape from it.

Now let’s look at disturbance from a loving perspective. You feel disturbance. You know that it is an echo of the past coming to visit you. You sit in the present experience you’re having, knowing you must be believing a lie if you feel disturbed. You invite the love and light you are to allow that lie to surface and to dissolve, in peace, in love.

You may be believing a lie about our separation, about our lack of unity. You may be believing a lie about your vulnerability, your victimization. You may be believing a lie about the quality of the illusion that you have chosen; you may be thinking it is real, thereby giving it a power it has never possessed.

That power has always been your own. When you allow disturbances from the past to arise and dissolve, you return to your own power. From that place, action and speech are effortless if they are needed.

Time is for healing. Use time to maintain your rootedness in the peace that you are, to notice the disturbed feeling you get when you grant the illusion you have made the power that has always been yours. That should feel wrong to you. Thank your feelings for doing such a good job of keeping you awake.

When you use time for its purpose of healing, the action and speech that unfold in daily life will be the effortless part. Use the effort to remember where you are, who you are, and who everyone else is, and allow the peace of that to extend out into the illusion where it does such beautiful and loving work.

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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