We would like to put you in touch with one of your superpowers. It is the power of assumption. Assumption has a delightful double meaning. In the religious sense, it also means to transition into heaven. If you use the power of assuming that all is always well as the basis for embracing everything as it is now, this is a powerful platform for integrating and maintaining your awareness that where you abide is heaven. When you maintain the awareness of that, the experience of heaven flows into your day.

In particular, we invite you to use the power of assumption as it relates to effortlessness. Assume that you do and will value effortlessness, and as you do so judgments about anything that looks like hard work or “the impossible” fade away to allow vigorous or intense activity and transformative experience to arise in your experience, all without effort.

Love can flow through you an any form. It can arise as anything at all. The way is always easy and without effort, although how it flows through you may look like effort. Think of the “efforts” of an artist who is in the zone. The proper use of effort is to clear the way for effortlessness.

You make way for varying levels of activity without judgment. You make way for “the impossible” to flow out into the world through you. This happens as you consciously acknowledge that you are willing to release all doubts.

You consciously acknowledge that all is well right now as you embrace and accept everything as it is right now. From this platform of receptivity and willingness to act, you step into the unimpeded flow of Divine Will.

Photo by Matt Benson on Unsplash

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