Listening with the intent to benefit

Let’s look at the process of listening to people. Energy is flowing. Giving and receiving is happening.

As your mirror, your divine sibling may bring up things from within that feel disturbing. You have opportunities to share joy. It toggles back and forth.

Do you notice yourself forming opinions as you are listening to another? Are those opinions valuable? This is one of the temptations of ego that keeps us in that feeling of back and forth struggle. When we are oriented toward ego and separate identity, it is very natural and easy for us to judge, to decide someone else is misguided or misperceiving or just plain wrong. We may see them as a nuisance, and annoyance, as defective in some way, as being someone we have to deal with rather than an opportunity for seeing through that sense of separation.

Take a look at this. These thoughts you’re having–do they lead to you rest in our wholeness or in a sense of separation or judgment? Which one feels better? Which one do you want? The two are not in competition, but one is false, and the other is the benevolent force that encompasses the false, the benevolent force that you always have access to. You are so free and so well-supplied that you can use the power of this benevolent force to cling to a dream of separation. It is always up to you.

There is a different way to listen to your divine siblings. You can listen, sharing time, and knowing that you are under no obligation to believe or to disbelieve. You can just listen with the intent to benefit. If you intend to benefit, both of you will benefit since there is only one of you and your true interests can never conflict with one another.

Play with this energy. You have no need to believe or disbelieve–to get tugged this way or to get pulled that way. You can simply appreciate who you are, collectively, the time spent together, the words that come to your mind to say, the events that unfold.

You take the reactive self out of the equation. When you notice that the reactive self in you, the false self, is arising and attempting to assert something, you can watch that. You are the light that emcompasses that. If you feel disturbed, you can take a step back. When you pan the camera back, you see the whole picture. It’s like stepping back into the wholeness that encompasses you and every situation in which you find yourself. It is the most stable footing.

From this spot of stability, play with this energy of enjoying, appreciating, sharing with and benefiting from all of your divine siblings. You always benefit from who they truly are, so there is no need to judge the value or the quality of their words. When you keep the focus on the truth of who you are and the the truth of who they are–stability, wholeness and love–the words flow back and forth in a way that serves all.

Photo by Nathaniel Tetteh on Unsplash

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