Outside the illusion of the threat matrix

As you watch the thoughts that arise in consciousness, you can observe ego’s threat matrix. It’s a series of interconnected and disturbing thoughts that can orient you toward vulnerability, conflict and struggle. We say that the threat matrix thoughts can orient you toward these things. It doesn’t have to.

What you are encompasses all of this, so the orientation toward vulnerability, worry and stress is always optional. If you are willing to use each threat matrix thought noticed as an alarm clock that signals you to reorient to what actually is–love, unity and creativity–then you can allow the threat matrix thoughts to serve us all in the undoing of the threat matrix.

The energy of love can take anything in form, in experience, and put it to good use. Each threat matrix thought, therefore, is an alarm clock. It’s a simple reminder. Orient toward what is. Remember who you are. Remember who all others are. Take a moment to rest in that.

When we speak of the matrix, you may start to think of a sinister program that is someone else’s fault–a program to which masses have fallen victim. You may start to think that you must fight to overcome what has been done to you. Isn’t that a clever level of egoic function? The ego is endlessly clever, and it is not you.

What a delight to step one step back, as the camera operator. What an amazing sight to see that the ones who are said to play a role in maintaining the dominance of this matrix are only You, in the sense of shared self. Your mind has always been touching theirs. They have always been the same light and love that you are, underneath the roles they are playing. You can see right through those roles to the true and loving power they are, which is the true and loving power that you are. No role that they are playing is more powerful than the truth of who we are collectively. Isn’t that amazing? And all you have to do is take one step back with your camera to see that.

Remember that the solution is always very, very simple, and very, very powerful.
Threat matrix thoughts are very believable, but that doesn’t pose any problem for you, because you know how they feel.  If the thought doesn’t feel good, it is your signal to reorient, to remember the truth, in divine service to yourself and all others.

When you react and act in service to the threat matrix, you believe that distrust is your friend. You believe that knowing others as defective or wrong keeps you safe. There is another way to see this. We can trust everyone, in the sense that we can trust everyone’s true identity. We can trust in our ability to see through all of the role-playing to the core of light and love that is every fellow being. We can trust in the idea that every experience is for us, and we can trust that our divine siblings show us mirrors that are very helpful. When we don’t like what we see in the mirror, we can remember our willingness to allow clear perception, to release all that would block our knowing that we are safe, loved and cared for in every moment, in every circumstance.

The threat matrix can only ever be an echo of the past, and it can only suggest an image of a fearful or unsuccessful future. You are the one who empowers the threat matrix by believing its thoughts and flowing with it to bring that version of the dream into experience. You are the only power it has ever had, and you can use its attempts to use your power in a helpful way–to guide you into remembrance. Everything is useful as we return to the full awareness of love, and that includes the thoughts of the threat matrix. Nothing can harm you. Because the threat matrix thoughts don’t feel good, they are very useful indicators that it is time to pause and remember the power you are, always flowing, never in need of the false power of the threat matrix.

It can be helpful to see this as an addiction. You listened avidly to the thoughts of the threat matrix. You reacted to them and made them the basis of your security and a false identity of separation. What you made, you can unmake.

The first step the addict takes is realizing that she has a problem. All problems are only one problem–believing the thoughts of the threat matrix and reacting to them as if they are truth. Once you realize there is something bigger and better for you that is always there, there is no longer any need for dependence on the thoughts of the threat matrix because it is clear they have never served you or your divine siblings.

The threat matrix is an experiential medium powered by you. Once you decide that you would like to get off that ride now, simply remember the love that you are whenever you observe a threat matrix thought. Every time you do this, rejoice at the amazing and massive impact this has on your world. Every time you meet a threat matrix thought with the awareness of the power you are, the love you are, and the truth of who all beings are, you make it easier and easier for your divine siblings to meet those thoughts in the same way. We simply engulf them in the light we are, and the light we are is what we see and experience.

What tremendous opportunities we have today! We are full of joy to be working with you in this endeavor. We assist you as you allow all action and speech to come from the wholeness of the broad perspective that encompasses and has never been threatened by the threat matrix. Love has always been here. Love has always been whole. It is our delight to serve all in this way as you remember.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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