No need to purify the pure

You are allowed to rest, because you are not in the midst of a battle. Isn’t that good news? If you find yourself tensing for battle today, remember that you are allowed to rest. When you rest, you rest in the power of who you are, which is always inextricably joined with the power of who all others are.

For a moment, though, pick up your sword and shield. We would like to engage you in a battle game. Have fun with this! We are going to work very hard to slay a beast, and this ravenous beast is called ego! We must defeat the ego or certain peril is our doom! No–even worse than that. Doom is our doom. So charge!

What are we charging toward? Oh, nothing. The only way that ego is a powerful beast is if you give it your power. Your power–love–is the only power there is. So in our mock battle, we empowered the beast in order to have an opponent.

If you choose to approach the release of egoic consciousness as a battle, simply observe how you empower both sides, and you are also the energy that fuels the conflict. When you see this, you can laugh and step back into the awareness of who you are. The more you return to the awareness of who you and all others are, the more stable this experience of unity becomes. Rather than a battle, think of it as a remembrance becoming stronger. As your remembrance becomes stronger, you are less likely to become immersed in egoic consciousness.

Consider for a moment the attempt to flush ego from a person.  Egoic consciousness is the belief in separation as reality. If you take a separate person (the one you regard as yourself) and attempt to flush ego from it in a way unconnected with all of reality, the attempt is based in the idea of separation. In other words, the ego is so clever that it can engage you in an attempt to purify and make worthy a separate self, when what you are has never been separate and has never been unworthy. What you already are is the purity you seek.

Here’s what actually happens. Rather than taking your separate self and washing ego from it, you–the power of all that is, inextricably joined with all forever–remember that there is nothing outside of you. As you remember, you see this power, this love and this wholeness everywhere–in everyone and in everything. So there is no need to purify a separate self. The opportunity you always have is to see through the illusion of the separate self to the wholeness and unity we share.

That wholeness, purity and unity are always active here, right now, where we are and where you have always been.

Photo by Johnny Brown on Unsplash


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