Meeting the victim experience as awareness

It is impossible to actually, in truth, be a victim, but it is possible to view life through a lens of victimhood. When you are using this lens, you believe you are subject to conditions you co-created. You believe others are subject to conditions outside of them, forgetting that those others co-created the conditions. When you remember who you are and who all others are, you invite yourself to experience life on top of and among the conditions rather than buried underneath them or in a position of having them hurtling toward you from every direction. What you are encompasses all conditions. What all others are is prior to the conditions they seem to be victim to.

When you are in the midst of seeing through the lens of victimhood, you can simply affirm your intention to see again. You can remember who and what you are, who and what all others are, and see that rising above and surrounding all the conditions that seemed so powerful when you were looking through the lens of victimhood. All those conditions out there are reflecting past intention back to you. They represent choices for experience. In the present, those conditions are always neutral because you are the power that chooses what you will see and experience.  You are always able to choose again. Every moment brings you the gift of the opportunity to choose again.

Each faint suggestion of victimhood that arises in your mind is the perfect opportunity to see through the habitual idea of victimhood. Each strong certainty that one is subject to impossible, unfair, or unbearably intense conditions from outside oneself–every time that happens, it is a wonderful opportunity to awaken into the reality of who you are.

Think of this dysfunctional energy of victimhood arising. It arises within the awareness that you are, and the awareness that you are is the healer of all imbalance. Simply seeing it held within the awareness of who you are brings a stronger sense of your true identity.

There is nothing outside of you. What you are is everything. Everything arises from what we are and returns to what we are. It cannot actually leave us, because everything is what you are. Allow this knowing to serve you in daily life by returning to the remembrance of this benign wholeness every time you experience a sharp sense of being a separate and vulnerable entity. In the past, experiencing a sharp sense of separation and helplessness was a reason for reaction and struggle. Now that very sense of being alone and weak is a gift as it prompts you to return to the peace that you are.

Isn’t it a divine gift to play an essential role in removing the victim experience from your world?

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

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