Looking beyond limits

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The five-sense world you see and experience represents a fingernail’s worth of what it’s possible for you to experience. By choosing an experience of separation, you also chose an experience of severely limited perception. As you become familiar with your true identity in wholeness, you can also set down all the perceptual limits that kept your five-sense experience stable before.

When you are placing a lot of faith in your perceptions for a reflection of safety and stability, it’s important to you that limits remain in place. When you realize that your safety (and that of everyone else) emanates constantly from who you collectively are, your perceptions have nothing to prove to you anymore. This leaves a lot of room for flexibility. Are you willing to have perception and sense bring you all the information you need to serve the highest good?

When you affirm it this way…
I am willing to allow perception and sense to bring me all the information I need to serve the highest good
…you open a lot of doors to receive information, collaborate with loving beings, and respond in loving ways. You also open doors for you to understand how you have been doing this work all along.

If you look at that which is called extrasensory perception, some of that has come online for you and more of it is coming online. The important part is not the acquisition of new abilities, however. The most important part is your willingness to serve in whatever way serves the highest good–your openness, your flexibility, and your willingness to shed limits wherever they suggest themselves to you. The more you return to your true identity as the love that connects all life, the more you see serving the highest good as being the only thing you want. It is serving yourself, since you and all others are that goodness.

Whenever we notice ourselves thinking of the fingernail as the whole–thinking that all that is happening is what we are observing with our five senses and those five senses dictate our limits to us–we have that moment as our opportunity to expand back into the awareness of the whole. Every time we take advantage of this opportunity, we are energetically sharing this expansion with our divine siblings. This means we’re offering peace to those we encounter in daily life, and we’re also extending profound healing across space and time. It’s no small thing, so enjoy the big things to come!

Photo by Austin Mabe on Unsplash

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