Dropping old habits

In this world you are accustomed to the energy of making, which holds limits in place. You also know and recognize the energy of creativity and love, which is joyous and unlimited. Since love is all there is and can never be vanquished, you could not have a world experience without it. You can, however, believe … Continue reading Dropping old habits

Guided meditation: The power of connection

Deepening our awareness of the power of our connection with all things. Music by Chris Zabriskie I Am Running Down the Long Hallway of Viewmont Elementary by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: chriszabriskie.com/honor/ Artist: chriszabriskie.com/ Photo by Ryan Wilson on Unsplash unsplash.com/photos/YdpDztAnW9w

Bubbles of tension in service to you

In your daily life, bubbles of tension surface so they can pop. Each one is a gift. When ego thinks it has to handle things. these bubbles of tension are pushed back down as part of the identity of separation, conflict and vulnerability. When you learn to watch them while referring to the love you are for guidance, the sense of separation and conflict in your daily experience dissolves. 

Your questions welcome

Hello, friends of Love's Beginning. It means so much to me to share this awakening with you, so thanks for stopping by. One thing I would like to try is to base posts on questions you have or issues in your life at the moment. If you have a post suggestion, let me know. Photo … Continue reading Your questions welcome

Flying lessons

You're coming to know and recognize an energy that doesn't feel good, and this is very much to your advantage. It feels like a clamping down. It is the energy of insisting on the reality of your physical world, the one you make through attachment to a sense of separate, conflicted and vulnerable self. The special effects are great here! It's very convincing, but once you no longer fully believe in it, the energy you use to hold it in place begins to be experienced as disturbance. This is very good, because it points to what is bigger than that, what you want to move forward into your experience--your true identity in a shared self of love with all others. 

We assist you as equals

You are never improving yourself. You are simply remembering who you are, and as you do so, it gets easier. It seems harder right before you break through into another layer of remembrance, and then it gets easier again. Layer after layer after layer. We're going to encourage you to keep moving through into remembrance.