You are spirit

We are here–right where you are, right where you have always been. Where you have always been is not in a physical location. You are spirit. When you don’t know who you are, you project a physical experience that reflects your confusion. When you remember who you are, you allow a physical experience that reflects the dazzling beauty of heaven back to you. The time of allowing is now upon us.

We invite you to become aware that you abide with us, that all is well, and that you can allow the flow of what we are collectively through you. Imagine this: Something disturbing happens in your world. Rather than moving to blame, people respond by saying, “Oh, dear. We have temporarily forgotten who we are. Let’s connect with the energy of Home so we project Truth and Love into our experience rather than a frightened running away from it. We all did this collectively. We obviously need some time to rest, relax and reset.”

But what about those minds who engaged directly in the disturbance as aggressors? Shouldn’t they be chased after, blamed, controlled, punished? Remember that you push and pull all minds. So if you dare to take the more powerful of the two options–allowing what you are vs. trying to manipulate the physical–you’ll see very quickly that a mind surrounded by love and forgiveness must move toward remembrance of True Self. It’s simply too clear that it is moving toward pain when it tries to go back into forgetfulness.

There is nothing more powerful than all of us together. All of us together includes you, all of us, all of your fellow humans, and all other beings across time and space. It means the love at the heart of all of us. It’s no small thing! When you allow the power of love that we are expression through you it empowers everyone in the direction of the highest good.

This is the time when you begin to see that all others are you, so there is nothing left to do but love them. What form will this love take? You’ll feel it. You’ll feel when to go ahead and when to wait. The words to say will pop into your head. It’s not hard.  It’s not about niceness or politeness or about doing good. It’s about feeling good. It becomes very obvious that loving speech and action feel good, whereas anything else doesn’t. So you just drop it.

It’s also very clear to see when what is not love seems to be asking for expression through you. It doesn’t feel good. So simply put that tool down. You chose (past tense) an experience of separation, but in this now moment you choose an experience of beautiful and harmonious individuation.

Here’s the part that is hard: It’s hard when you’re learning to let go of the fear that has you efforting and darting around in your thoughts all the time. That’s the most excruciating part of this. But it gets easier and easier. We are always here for you through the hard parts and the delightful parts. We couldn’t and wouldn’t ever leave you.

When you find what feels good, on a consistent basis, and you realize that it is always up to you, then you find peace. When you find peace, you don’t want to leave it. So you set down the judgment. When fear arises, it’s a chance to be curious, to be willing to release everything that doesn’t work, and to be willing to allow everything that does. In other words, it’s purely energetic and very, very simple. So simple a child could do it. Children do do this. That is why they are wonderful teachers.

When you stop judging, when you stop using the energy of fear to reach goals you think are necessary for worthiness, it is such a balm to all minds. Remember, you push or pull each mind with your energy. You either invite them into awakening or you encourage them to venture further into the illusion. Each one of you is a leader and a wayshower. What will you show your divine siblings today?

If things are intense for you right now, remember that all that is needed is simple willingness. Are you willing to release all that is not needed? Are you willing to allow all that will serve the highest good? You are already worthy of all the goodness in your life now, all the goodness you are poised to experience. We delight in showing you how to share this sense of worthiness with your sisters and brothers.

Breathe. Share. Allow. Remember. We are with you.

Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash

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