Allow your True Self to take over You can only feel stress when you get caught up in who you aren't, in who everybody else isn't. Notice the habit of identifying a specific location for the stress: "I feel stressed because of somebody or something. If somebody or something were different, I would not feel stressed." These are thoughts that you … Continue reading Allow your True Self to take over

Conduits for the miraculous The miraculous can come through all of you. We've encouraged you to see all you perceive as other as healing beings. We encourage you now to see all you perceive as other as conduits for the miraculous. When you are able to see them that way, you will be able to see yourself that … Continue reading Conduits for the miraculous

Beingness everywhere

Whenever you are fatigued, you have been attempting the impossible. It is actually impossible to show up as a separate you. Efforts to distinguish yourself from others--all comparative efforts--are fatiguing. So when you wonder why you are exhausted, it's always the same cause, every time. You have been attempting the impossible, and the feeling of … Continue reading Beingness everywhere

Returning to the Truth of everything

When you allow everything to be as it is, you stand completely still. There is no waiting and wondering. In the stillness of no-thought, what problem can you actually have? What is Real beyond all illusion? When you allow everything to be as it is in this moment, you allow yourself to be moved by … Continue reading Returning to the Truth of everything

The well of shared Self

Think about your perception of the world. See how you see it. During the day, check in. How am I seeing the world right now? Now consider where your perceptions of the world seem to conflict with those of others. We're pointing this out because ego will often tempt you to project conflict into your … Continue reading The well of shared Self

All the small selves

Is there anything that you couldn't allow? Be playful with this. Allow the ideas to arise in your mind. Did you only think of things you would label as negative, things you seem to fear? Now look a bit deeper. Look at your list of positive things, wanted things, things that seem to be lacking … Continue reading All the small selves

Self encompasses all

Here is a lens for today. When you hear or experience the energetic impact of your thoughts (and that's all you can ever experience), what do you see? Are those thoughts small-self-serving (meaning attempting to elevate or drag down any separate self, thing, quality or experience--yours or another's) or are they Self-serving? Do they serve … Continue reading Self encompasses all

All is as it should be

We invite you into the truth of peace. Everybody, in this moment, no matter how they are focused, is focused as they should be focused. Do you feel the peace of that? Everything is and always has been as it should be. Even when things in your world appear to be in such disarray, beneath … Continue reading All is as it should be

Greeting you with joy

The Truth is within you. The Truth is within all others. The Truth is present and dancing in every cell of every being. The Truth is present and dancing in every molecule of every thing. Can you feel the stability, the continuity, the unity there? The shared awareness of this is what you are here … Continue reading Greeting you with joy

You are spirit

We are here--right where you are, right where you have always been. Where you have always been is not in a physical location. You are spirit. When you don't know who you are, you project a physical experience that reflects your confusion. When you remember who you are, you allow a physical experience that reflects the … Continue reading You are spirit