You are already One Just let it all collapse. It's safe. What can you allow to collapse? The architecture of your disquiet. The framework of all stress and tension is composed of lies. Let the lies go, and truth shines, very simply. Ego fears a void. Ego's function is to obscure the spaciousness you Are with all its … Continue reading You are already One

Every One of the others It looks as if those others out there elicit different responses from you. You can get distracted by how this one seems to need you, how this one seems to have something you can get, how the other one is capable of hurting you in some way, how this one seems to have more … Continue reading Every One of the others

Nothing masquerading as something The Oneness is your saving grace. No matter what your trouble seems to be, the Oneness can solve it for you. The Oneness can bring peace to your mind. Draw on this never-ending resource, and you teach all in your world to draw from it. When you are caught up in believing that it … Continue reading Nothing masquerading as something

Deciding to see Oneness The awareness of Oneness heals all. You cannot perceive twoness and bask in the awareness of Oneness at the same time. There is always a choice for you to make. When you feel the tension of the perception of twoness, you can find your willingness to return to the awareness of the Oneness that … Continue reading Deciding to see Oneness

Return to Harmony You have a constant resource available to you. We ask you to remember this today when you believe there is any lack, any trouble, or any reason for unhappiness. There is a resource you can access that carries you beyond any idea of lack, trouble, or unhappiness, and all are fully worthy of accessing … Continue reading Return to Harmony

Reason to celebrate We experience our true strength together. Our true strength is alive and present in us all, equally. If you are willing to see that strength and know it as Real, you also allow it to act through you. When you see yourself as part of a Whole, you allow that Whole to act through … Continue reading Reason to celebrate

Allow your True Self to take over You can only feel stress when you get caught up in who you aren't, in who everybody else isn't. Notice the habit of identifying a specific location for the stress: "I feel stressed because of somebody or something. If somebody or something were different, I would not feel stressed." These are thoughts that you … Continue reading Allow your True Self to take over

Conduits for the miraculous The miraculous can come through all of you. We've encouraged you to see all you perceive as other as healing beings. We encourage you now to see all you perceive as other as conduits for the miraculous. When you are able to see them that way, you will be able to see yourself that … Continue reading Conduits for the miraculous

Beingness everywhere

Whenever you are fatigued, you have been attempting the impossible. It is actually impossible to show up as a separate you. Efforts to distinguish yourself from others--all comparative efforts--are fatiguing. So when you wonder why you are exhausted, it's always the same cause, every time. You have been attempting the impossible, and the feeling of … Continue reading Beingness everywhere