Calling upon what is Real

Today we invite you to meet the new as the new. Each being, in truth, is sparkling clean, pure, and fresh. When you know this in interaction with them, there is no need to bring the past with you. You can meet each being unadorned, without carrying the past memories or future projections with you. You can meet each being untainted yourself, seeing the untainted in them, always held in safety and love. Each situation you are in, you have called to yourself for that purpose, for meeting your divine siblings in love.

You are love. Why not meet other beings as you are? They are love. Why not recognize them when you meet? What are you putting in front of that?

When you put nothing in front of the awareness of who you both are, you are acknowledging that what you truly are cannot be threatened. You are inviting Reality into your experience. You recognize that there is no need for defense, that defense keeps the illusion going. You truly want to see clearly. You want to see clearly more than you want to defend a separate self you made out of fearful thoughts believed. You are ready to allow that picture of a separate, vulnerable and disconnected self to disintegrate now.

Take a moment. Watch it happen in your mind’s eye. See that never-needed shell fall apart. As it is crumbing to nothingness, see how your belief in it, your belief in the primacy of others’ separate-self shells, determined what you would experience here. See all those houses of cards fall. The fall of the houses of cards is no threat to anyone. It removes the sense of threat.

So you’re naked now, but you never needed that piece of clothing. It was a straightjacket, in fact. Without this twisted defense, you can meet others and connect on the level of what you are, rather than on the level of what you are pretending to be or not be–what you are pretending they are or aren’t.

When your day is about seeing what’s real beyond all pretense, you are calling Reality online. When you call Reality into your experience, you are willing to see through the illusion you have been putting first for so long.

Forgiveness is the ability to see through the illusion to what has always been here all along. All along, you have had direct access to the Reality that lies beyond illusion–Heaven on Earth. You have the ability–right now–to call it into your experience. It’s simple willingness and remembrance.

Every stressor is a gift because it is a reminder. When that feeling of stress comes up, the temptation to blame something illusory, thereby making it real in your experience, is very strong.  See through this temptation today. Wait. Watch. Remember what is Real. Call Truth into your perception, and thereby into your experience.

Time and space never limit us. We are always here, with you, as you call upon us to help you see clearly beyond all illusions. Simply stop for a moment and take advantage of the assistance that is always available to you.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


4 thoughts on “Calling upon what is Real

  1. Thank you! I will try today – to be empty and welcome each moment in light and love. Thanks for the advice about stressros — each moment my heart contracts, i pray i can remember, who we all are and for what purpose we are here together – to be love. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. Thank You. In sweet love and radiant light, your divine sibling 🙂

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