Observing the wind-up toy

What would happen if you were open to the perception of the Wholeness of yourself and all others at all times?  This is a triggering statement. You’re welcome. It brings up subtle fears. It brings up any way you’re still clinging to separation perception. In the wake of this statement, you’ll feel the rush of ego manning its stations to defend this or that belief. Notice the mechanisms at work. See the wind-up toy. It cannot work if you do not wind it. If you start watching it work instead of winding it, you can watch it slow and stop.

Fear is the key that winds ego.  You can watch this part of the process, too. Notice when a fear comes up, no matter how small. In fact, the smaller the better. Notice how you allow it to wind you up. Notice what you act upon from that basis. This is you being the scientist you are. This is you noticing how it all works. This is you doing what you came here to do.

Pan the camera back. You can see the key rotating, the ego being wound, but who is doing it? Who has always done it? You! That’s right. It’s always been you. You select the fear option, and you employ it. So your hand inserts the key that winds the ego, and then the human doll, the body, is used to enact separation perception. This is very good news! It means that you can set the key down and leave it sitting there.

Picking up the fear key and holding onto it as a motivator is something you are taught from the beginning. It’s how you sustain the fear-based experience. There’s no right or wrong about it. Just see it in practical terms. Now invite yourself to see what is there prior to the picking up of this key, the use of this motivator. The Now moment. There it is, very simply. The breath. Inspiration. Creation.

So the basis for your day, for each moment–you want it to be this still place, this peaceful place, this loving place. You can return here at any time. At first, it’s pretty much a repeated cycle of watching yourself leave it, watching yourself act from fear, playing out the role of a false self in conflict, subject to forces beyond itself.

If you stay here–living in the now and trusting in the now, there is no need to cling to anything. Just notice the energetic clinging, the divisive picking up of concepts in opposition to a perceived other. What would happen if what you cleave unto is the simplest thing in the world? Is. Now. The wholeness of us all. The particular can and does arise from this. It’s not as if you will never enact anything if you stay rooted in this spot. To the contrary, so much is able to flow through you now!

A deconstruction seems to happen before the emergence of what is real, a falling away of old thoughts and patterns. Fear not. It is the falling away of the garments of fear itself. It is the falling away of old patterns of acting from fear and withdrawing from life based on fear.

So you sit still for a while You wait. You watch as everything deconstructs and reconstructs, as that heart-centeredness centers itself. When action is needed it is obvious. Because you have put feeling first, you know the flavor of fear’s invitation and you know the simplicity of the flow. There is always time to enter the flow.

And when temptation arises again in the form of an invitation to pick up separation perception, simply ask where those perceptions are coming from. Whose perceptions are they? Do they seem to come from an entity that is labeling itself as better than or worse than another? You can accept those perceptions and take that ride if you want to.

What happens when you set that boxed set of perceptions down? It’s never just one perception. It’s always a boxed set, a grouping of concepts that makes you other and vulnerable in your sight. When you set them down, what is left?

Hello! Here we are! We’re always here when you set the other stuff down, and it is our great delight to walk and dance with you when you have decided to be unencumbered. As often as you allow us into your decision-making process, we are happy to point out to you what you don’t need, so filled with joy to point to what has always been waiting for you.

Photo by Katarzyna Pe on Unsplash


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