Setting down the toys

I’m receiving this message at my mother’s bedside. It looks as though she will release the body experience soon, and it certainly helps to listen to this perspective on what the body is for and to keep my head on straight as I feel tempted to believe distressing thoughts down one road or another. I … Continue reading Setting down the toys

Everyone an angel

Everybody--every body--is perfectly placed. When you find yourself noticing the placement of bodies and then judging that, remember that judgment is not a capability you have. You do have the capability, however, of tuning in to what you are and allowing that to run the body experience--both your experience of the body you call your … Continue reading Everyone an angel

Geography of the soul

What separates you from others? What could possibly keep you from experiencing the love that you are with your divine siblings? What seems to keep you apart from the joy that you are? Specific things will arise. As these seeming-specifics arise, it is always your opportunity for joyous release. Each time one of these seeming … Continue reading Geography of the soul

Stress is a reminder that you are loved

What perception would you hold onto today? To what perception would you cling today? What perception will you allow? Would you insist on anything? What feelings accompany insistence? Notice. Will you allow yourself to be shown? Go into that feeling of allowing. Feel the spaciousness, the openness. There is no need to define or project … Continue reading Stress is a reminder that you are loved

When you’re done, you see the One

I received a lovely gift of support from a reader but couldn't find a way to respond back, so I just wanted to say thanks to Darren. What a wonderful surprise! And this is a good time to thank all of my readers. The energy you contribute helps to determine the message, and it is … Continue reading When you’re done, you see the One

Setting down the framework of expectation

We're releasing the framework of expectation. When people don't appear or perform as we'd prefer, we plug into this framework of projecting disorder elsewhere. And then we see disorder reflected back to us in the news. We're being walked through letting that go right now. Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

You belong to everyone

You think of relationships as bodies together. Bodies together certainly do provide opportunities for the undoing of disturbed thought, but so does being what you would call alone. You are always united in thought and mind with all of your siblings across time and space. You're always receiving and giving. Every apparent encounter with another … Continue reading You belong to everyone

You are dreaming of the past

Just a friendly reminder--you are not a body. You are Love, giving yourself an experience of communicating through a particular body in a world with particular bodies. All of this is made entirely of thought. You are wholly responsible for this experience as yourSelf--the one child of the creator (meaning all the selves unified), but … Continue reading You are dreaming of the past

Laughter now

Is there any reason to hold the love of God away from you in your perception today? (For those with the God-allergy, we mean the Love you are, your essential nature.) It can't be held back in any way other than perception. All suffering, all lack, is perceptual. If this brings up anger, it is … Continue reading Laughter now

Put first things first

You're here to remember your freedom. The sooner you remember your freedom, the sooner you can share it with all others. You tend to think of freedom as an independent, free-of-others kind of thing, but freedom is union with all others. Not with their masks and their efforts and their false, defensive fronts, but with … Continue reading Put first things first