Celebrate clarity

So…yeah. Time has never existed. Ego needs time to exist, so ego has never existed, either.

Sometimes I interpret the energies I’m being shown in quirky ways. Today, I’m assigning this guy from Office Space to be the one to explain to me that time has never existed.

“So…yeah…if you could go ahead and drop all value you assign to time, that would be great.”

We will happily don any costume you wish, and we do. All you encounter every day are your saviors. Each one gives you a chance to see through the costuming you are projecting–past it and into the beautiful light being that is always present.

If you don’t like to use the word savior, you could use the word opportunity. You could even use the word puzzle because you may find yourself very curious as to how you would go past what seems to be there to see and experience what is really there, what has always been there.

So, yeah…you seem to be hurtling through time, but you’re not. We invite you to notice whenever you feel any contraction, any tension related to a perception of time pressure.

My parents encouraged me to question authority in the seventies, and now you are encouraging me to question time’s authority.

Exactly, precisely. Whenever you notice time looming large as an apparent force that could have any actual effect, stop. Stop and give it a poke, a gentle nudge. Be curious. See what stuff it is made of. Especially if you are caught up in a fantasy that you are running late, stop. Look. Breathe. Remember that you are willing to have misperception cleared. Time is misperception.

We’re not asking you to exit time. That is not your function. We’re asking you to remember to give your perception of time over to that which you are, that which all others are in Harmony. Simply give time over and allow what you really are to make what it will of it. If you do this, you will find yourself having a delightful experience for what remains of time.

You know when people talk about having no fucks left to give? That’s the point we’re talking about. When you do give a fuck about something time-based, notice. Allow it to float right up to the surface. Allow yourself to feel the nature of that fuck you seem to be giving. And now put that fuck–that point of contraction–in the right hands. You don’t want to let ego do anything with it. Hand it over to that which you are, and misperception will be cleared. Keep handing the fucks over until you don’t have any left to give.

Similarly, we invite you to notice whenever you’re buying separation, whenever you’re buying what you originally sold yourself. If you believe that guy over there has a particular quality or tendency that sets him apart from that other guy, you’re buying what you sold yourself. When you notice this, you have an opportunity to see what has always been underneath that.

When you are deciding who that one over there is and what she’s like, be it positive or negative, you’re judging. Judging isn’t your function. You’ll never be able to do it, so seemingly spending time on judgment just extends your experience of time.  You’re never wrong when you seem to be spending time doing something you’re not capable of doing. You’re just misperceiving. You’ve asked for our help in clearing that up, so we’re reminding you that when you become aware that you’re attempting to do that which you have never been able to do, hold that misperception up in the air. We will zoom by as birds and pluck it from your hands.

Then you will see more clearly what you are able to do and what you are not able to do. You won’t spend lots of clock time pretending to perform functions that have no effect. You are capable of appreciating, basking, enjoying. You are capable of enacting the thoughts of the Whole of us. This is illusion, too, but it is illusion that leads you out of the labyrinth of illusion. Trust how it feels.

When you notice how you feel, we can help. Think of us as your celestial dermatologists. When you notice a growth on the skin, you give the dermatologist permission to remove it. When you notice a misperception, you give us permission to clear it. We still need your permission while you are busy with illusion, and we thank you for every moment in which you grant it.

Today we celebrate clarity, and your willingness to allow it to return.

Photo by Thomas Kinto on Unsplash

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