Just a little willingness

You are on a journey of awakening, of remembrance. Central to this journey is learning to go within. Comfort is always available to you when your world is not reflecting it back to you. When you have learned to go within every time there is a disturbance in your tranquility, then you are thinking, speaking and acting from the Source that will be reflected back to you.

Think for a moment. Think of all the facets of the world you witness that seem to be outside of you, that seem to have the ability to disturb you. Now remember that the world in its entirety is within you, and what you are is what everyone else is. Whatever you are witnessing, it is encompassed–encompassed by the love you are. When you cultivate this very important habit of going within for everything, you allow the love you are to pour through into the world you made.

Every time you go within, you turn to response instead of reaction. Every time you remember the true nature of things, you open up another conduit for the expression of love in the world. Every time you go within for answers and rebalancing, you pierce the veil, allowing light and sanity to infuse your perception.

As Julie receives these messages, we walk with her for a while. She has understood from the beginning that she will walk with us all of the time. There are various modalities for you, the readers, things that bring you into alignment and invite you to stay there all of the time. This is like dipping your toe in the pool, seeing that it’s okay, and taking the plunge to immerse yourself.  We assure you that it’s entirely safe to abide here all of the time, with all of your being. Come on in. The water’s fine!

When you align consistently with the vibration of love, with the simplicity of what you are, with the simplicity of what the other guy has always been, you allow your perceptions to be corrected, and you bring that healed sight back to your world. When you allow your perceptions to be corrected, you stop finding reasons to go outside of the vibration of what you are to manipulate or to fix according to the urgings of egoic thought. Instead, you stay in the most powerful vibration there is and allow transformation.

All it takes is a little willingness. You don’t have to be greater than the next guy because you can’t be. It’s never been possible. You don’t have to make heroic efforts because the way is easy and without effort. The only requirement is a little willingness.

When you are believing this is a horrible or defective place, you’re just seeing a mirror of what you’re projecting upon it. Projection takes effort. Allowing is effortless. When you have a little willingness to allow your perception to be corrected, you will feel motivation in certain directions. When you have motivation, carrying out what motivation suggests if effortless. If action is required, it comes easily.

During your awakening, the wind will be taken out of the sails of egoic activity. This is where it can get confusing. Everything you have done in order to build up separate identity–yours and others’–it collapses. But it doesn’t matter because the drive is alive and vital within you–the drive to remember who you are, what you are doing, and how this works.

When the wind is taken out of the sails of egoic activity, you see where you have been placing your value. Maybe you have been placing value on your abilities, your image, your looks, the apparent differences between you and others. Because there is no longer motivation for particular kinds of egoic activity, you may feel you don’t know who you are, and that is precisely the point. You are taken on the journey to release your perception of who you are through separate identity so you can fall in love. You can fall in love with what truly is–only one very simple thing, love–and then you are able to allow it to shine back to you from every facet of physicality experienced.

That which has been called the Holy Spirit has also been called the Comforter. It is an energy that never judges you and always brings you back to truth from flawed perception. It is our work, and it brings us great joy. This energy surrounds everyone, is available to everyone. The more you take advantage of the nonphysical team always surrounding you, the more others around you will become aware of their own resources. We assist by removing the filter from your eyes so you can see things as they have always been. First you see it with inner vision, and then your world reflects that inner vision back to you.

We know it is difficult to believe, but you have always existed in harmony and peace. The illusion of hell is something you insist on seeing and experiencing instead of Heaven. You are here to remember that seeing and experiencing an illusion of hell–that which could be an opposite of all that truly exists–was your choice. It’s also your intention to blossom collectively out of the perception of disorder, disharmony, and conflict all together.

All is well. You are on the path and will not turn back. You are inviting sanity and clear perception with every breath, with every moment of going within for your guidance. We always stand ready to serve when you come to us, sharing the peace that you are, the peace that you can share through the thoughts, speech and actions of clear perception. Peace is viral, and peace is inevitable. Rest in the serenity of that, and allow that deep rest to be the foundation of all you express.

Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash


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