Penetrate the polarity

Ego doesn’t exist.

If ego doesn’t exist, then why does it seem to play such a large role in your life? Because you have chosen fantasy over Reality, fantasy seems to dominate at the moment. Remember that fantasy is nothingness and the light of Reality can always be invited to shine through. In other words, you can always invite yourself to meet yourself if you feel disconnected in any situation. The light that shines through the fantasy is your very Self.

You think fantasy is real. Pay attention to those thoughts. Watch the process of believing a thought is true. Watch the apparent aftermath of that. All fantasy. There is something beneath the instability of the back and forth, and it couldn’t be more stable. The something underneath is the fundamental sanity shared by all. If you want to experience it, you have to be willing to experience it through all–not just in some but not in others.

Invite this fundamental sanity into the show you thought was more important than the love you are and the innocence you share with all. Invite it in by looking at it and seeing it. You invite it in when you look right through the instability of back and forth thought as the nothingness it is. Take a slow, careful look. There are the positive thoughts, and there are the negative thoughts. If the positive thoughts struggle or argue against the negative thoughts, they are just as untrue. All struggle is unreal.

So if you look down, down, down and through all of that, you can receive what is real. You receive what is real when you allow misperception to be corrected. Struggle doesn’t feel good because you are always fighting against nothing, against phantoms. Let your feelings show you.

The process of awakening is about unwinding you from the unreal so you can recognize what is real. Feeling tells you what peace feels like and what disturbance feels like. As you continue in this process, you inevitably realize that what you first thought was peace was also disturbance, but when you allow that to be corrected, too, nothing is left but the peace you are. That peace is always shared.

Here’s an example: Good weather is good, while bad weather is bad. So you seem to prefer what you call good weather. What you truly want, however, is to feel peace regardless of a surface that could be labeled good or bad. You become very willing to experience this peace, and that doesn’t leave any room for insisting on a “good” surface instead of a “bad” one.

You are very accustomed to insisting on a “good” surface to keep a separate self satisfied. Whenever you are doing this, you are projecting “bad” elsewhere. So let’s say you are projecting “bad” seemingly elsewhere (also part of the fantasy) because you want the good to be yours. There is no wrongdoing. It does not make you bad or wrong. That’s impossible. Remember that wrongdoing is not truly possible. It is part of the fantasy.

The more you are willing to look at the thoughts you are believing, and the more you are willing to feel how that feels, the more you begin to penetrate this positive/negative polarity. You see right though it until all you see is the Love you and all others are. When you keep this consistently in your sight, you can share it.

You still seem to exist within the unreal. When you turn all of the unreal over to Divine Will, the best use can be made of it while you still believe in it. Turn the events of your day over to Divine Will. Turn your perceptions of others over to Divine Will. Turn your perceptions of yourself over to Divine Will. Turn your planning and your concepts of past and future over to Divine Will. You have a concierge. You might as well take advantage.

When you turn all that is unreal over to Divine Will, your perception clears. With clear perception, you can be truly helpful to your divine siblings within any fantasy situation (and that would be all physical situations, all moments of apparent time) in which you find yourself. When you are serving others, you are always serving yourself–yourSelf.

We delight in serving you as you remember how to offer loving service to all.

Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

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