Simplicity in all things

Whenever it seems that you are lost, remember your very simple driving force: You want to wake up. What does it mean to feel lost? Whenever you feel distress of any kind, you are lost because you have believed ego’s suggestions. Because you want to wake up, and you want this more than any temptation to believe ego’s suggestions, you will wake up. It is simple, so remember the simplicity of it. When you remember simplicity, you shorten the time interval necessary for your wake-up and the wake-up of your divine siblings.

If you want to wake up, the means will be given to you. It is guaranteed. See the theme here? Simplicity. Complexity is for egos. We will come into the complexity and meet you there, leading you back to the peace of simplicity.

Whatever means you seem to be using to wake up, there is no comparison to the means someone else is given. There is no way to judge, so there is no need to spend time in this useless endeavor. All are blossoming together. This is all you need to know. Evaluation is not your job when it comes to others. We do encourage you to continue to evaluate how you feel, however. This is useful to you because it encourages you to notice whether you are engaged in judging or deciding.

You can’t hear us when you are very busy with judging and deciding because we all work together–not apart. Whenever you are feeling the stress of judgment and the stress–yes, the stress–of figuring things out, you are shut down to us, which means that you are shut down to the whole of who you are. No matter how busy you seem to be while you are shut down to the whole of who you are, you are actually doing nothing. Activity in the physical is nothing–only a dream. When you are busily engaged in the dream of a separate person doing separate things with separate values, you are blocking the communication that would free you and your divine siblings from all stress forever.

You may not realize that the process of figuring things out is actually stressful for you. Simply watch. Notice how you feel. Notice tension. Notice when progress forward seems to depend on accepting a stressful thought as true. “If I don’t do this, then this other outcome will happen.” “I must prevent a particular outcome.” Notice the basic thoughts you must accept in order to engage in the process of what you call figuring things out.

There is no need to do anything about it. Just notice. When you notice, what you don’t need drops away, and what you do need becomes available to you. It is all effortless. The only effort you need to expend is toward noticing how you feel and what mind seems to be doing.

If you notice yourself spending clock time on deciding who is awake and who isn’t awake, take a moment for the release of laughter. There is only one of you. Deciding who is and who isn’t awake is a needless endeavor. All Are. That is all. The way others appear to you right now is a perfect set–a perfect set in this drama here to assist you and everyone in transcending the fiction of individual judgment. Ask to see perfection instead. You will be shown.

Watch the ego suggesting decisions about the physical environment, about the attributes and trajectories of separate persons, including the one you think you are, and then see if you attach to those decisions. When you watch like this, the structure that seems to enslave you dissolves in the light you are.

We are always here, shining brightly to illuminate the light you are and the light all others always have been. Take time to bask here today. When you don’t see the light, ask to be shown. It is our delight to be asked and our joy to show you what you Are.

Photo by Polychrome Creative on Unsplash

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