The Wave

We wish to speak to you of apparitions. Apparitions are what you allow to appear in front of your eyes. It is always something you are allowing. There is not fault here. There is always responsibility–the ability to respond in Love–however. Apparitions appear but they are not real. They are perceived, but they are not real.

So what of all this stuff that seems to appear before your eyes? What is its purpose? Its true purpose is always healing, and healing means healed perception. If you can teach yourself to look upon all the eyes seem to witness in this way, you will shorten the length of your healing path. When you shorten the length of your healing path, you always do the same for others.

When it comes to physical eyes, we encourage you to see them more as projectors of the world you currently experience. All of these seemingly separate projectors work together because all minds are joined. When you recognize the Beauty, Truth and Love that all are underneath all of the masks and roles, what you begin to project together is a reflection of the Beauty, Truth and Love you all are.

When we speak of The Wave, we speak of a process of blossoming that happens in all of you, a force that seems to overtake you, but only with your permission. As you give your permission, you make it easier for your divine siblings to find their willingness to give theirs. The force that seems to overtake you is only what you Are. You are that unified force.

Here is where ego will kick up. What is overtaking us? What will happen? Just what are you allowing? Notice that the ego is attempting to talk to someone, to influence someone. Any idea who that someOne is? You put the ego in place to seduce yourself away from your eternal awareness of our Oneness. It’s only doing its job when it kicks up like that, but its job as leader is over. Whenever ego is attempting to lead and to interpret, and you know that it’s happening because you feel disturbed in some way, simply take a moment to come back to yourself. YourSelf.

When we speak of The Wave, we speak of a healing you’re all sharing with each other. It’s a wave of healing that will only grow in strength as the remembrance of the Love you are returns to all of you. As the wave of healing seems to travel through you, through your experience, though your perceptions, it seems as though disturbance gets kicked up. The Wave allows anything you don’t need to float to the surface where it can be released.

We are going to use the metaphors of timelines and parallel realities to outline a trajectory for healing, but we are only using what you believe in, in service to you. We can use any belief at all in the service of healing, so there is never any need to be disturbed about the belief another seems to hold. We can come into that belief, too, and you light up a pathway for that to happen when you allow Us–what you Are–to enter and make use of all beliefs.

So using the metaphors of parallel realities and timelines, let’s say there are many versions of you in many simultaneous worlds. And you, as your character, show up in different versions of that character in many worlds. As you allow healing, you allow all the characters to merge in one peaceful and loving version. As you allow healing, as you learn to look upon all other beings currently wearing masks of personalities with love, you light up a pathway for all of them to merge all of the versions of themselves.

Let’s say your current world seems to contain a bad guy. There is a bad guy version of you in another world. If you allow yourself to see the bad guy in your current world as the love he is, you get to merge worlds. In this one, he showed up as the bad guy so you could be the good guy by comparison. In the other world, you showed up as the bad guy so he could be the good guy in comparison. Remember when you played cops and robbers and assigned everyone a role at the start of the game? You didn’t judge those roles. You just played.

So when you’re done playing, you drop the roles. In terms of the timelines and parallel realities, it means that you allow the worlds to merge. Where does this leave you and the bad guy? Where does this leave the bad-guy version of you in the other world? You and that bad guy/good guy both emerge in a timeline where you’re both happy. You’re not good or bad. You’re just happy together. You put the cop and robber roles down, and you put your judgment down.

So when we speak of The Wave (only a helpful metaphor) and we speak of timelines and worlds merging (only helpful metaphors), we speak of your collective return to the awareness of Love in a way that will assist you now. When you no longer need such concepts, you will forget them. Forgetting is a blessing. When you find yourself struggling to defend a concept, we encourage you to flush it. You don’t need anything that seems to require defense. If you need a replacement concept, it will be given to you, but there is never a need to take any concept seriously. Simply allow them to assist you on your way.

We are always here, always ready for the moment when you recognize your willingness to heal and be healed, always able to assist as soon as you put down your doing and recognize our presence. Simply say, “I am willing to take a moment, and a moment is all I need, to accept healed perception.”

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “The Wave

  1. The metaphor of good buy and bad guy in multiple realities really works for me. Such a relief to see everything as one ending sphere of love. Thank YOU for sharing this. I am willing to take a moment now to accept healed perception – now and always! Thank you! 💛

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  2. hi, Julie…..We in Unity in the Southern Tier are looking for speakers weekly; would you like to speak for up to 20 mins…at a Unity Church Service…I’m on the Church Board. Come and speak ; I like your talks on Video….We pay a small sum for our speakers. thanks, and contact me at or 607-237-9685 love and peace…

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