Manipulation and inspiration Manipulation is a cloud covering inspiration. More accurately, the perception of manipulation is a cloud covering up inspiration. The idea that you are a separate self manipulating separate components goes along with the idea that there are other separate selves that manipulate separate components. When you believe this to be true, you believe your … Continue reading Manipulation and inspiration

Patience and inspiration Inspiration is worth waiting for. Every seeming decision during your day offers you a choice between two things: Do you want your answer to come from Light, or do you want your answer to come from pain and suffering? It seems like an easy decision, doesn't it? Your habit of following ego's dictates means … Continue reading Patience and inspiration

From ego roles to inspiration Today we invite you to notice your definition of roles for yourself and others, and all of the expectations that go along with that. You invent limiting and constricting roles for the characters in your drama because of fear. You are completely supported and held by the all-pervasive Love that is everywhere, in every … Continue reading From ego roles to inspiration

Light language from Ineke Hemminga: Exploring inspiration

I've been talking to my friend Ineke Hemminga about inspiration. Each of us expresses inspiration--the love we are moving through us into expression--in a different way. As we engage in the mode of our inspiration, it uplifts us and opens us up to further communication from our Self--our wisdom that is shared and very powerful. … Continue reading Light language from Ineke Hemminga: Exploring inspiration

Inspiration is waiting for you

Will you allow inspiration to flow? It is an allowing. It is an openness It is a willingness. It is a releasing of assumptions. There are many ways we can reach you. We can reach you through thoughts. We can reach you through what you see in your physical world. We can reach you through … Continue reading Inspiration is waiting for you