Always at Home

To really connect with your divine sibling, you must watch the tendency to want to be right. If you allow us to correct perception whenever this feeling arises, you will be choosing happiness over domination, unity over separation.

Feel how the idea of being right is attached to the idea that all is not well. Now allow us to show you how profoundly well and undisturbed Reality is underneath the illusion to which you cling. If you feel the temptation to declare that all is not well, feel also the tension arising that is the clinging to an illusion.

We are not asking you to proclaim good feelings when in fact the reverse is true. We are reminding you to feel how everything feels. If you can pause before attempting to dominate in relative “rightness,” if you can pause before you attempt to prove yourself as other than your fellow, you have a moment to notice that you don’t feel good. You have a moment to accept perception correction and to feel better rather than hiding from your feelings by asserting ego.

Feel how the idea of being right is attached to the idea of otherness, to relativity. Look at this as a teeter-totter. If you are going to enjoy the pleasure of being right, you are also going to suffer the pain of being wrong. There is a middle path that is neither pleasure not pain, neither rightness nor wrongness. It is joy. It is who you are. It is who your fellow is. If you will allow perception correction rather than trying to dominate that which cannot be dominated, we will take you to that joy, that peace.

When you feel tension arising in association with the idea that you want to prove yourself, to show someone, to be heard as the one who knows, concentrate on the feeling of that tension. Take a moment to accept help. Get used to interrupting that trajectory–just for a moment–and allow us to show you how to be truly helpful. If you are joyful, you can share joy. If you are peaceful, you can share peace. If you are right about a facet of an illusion, you can only dominate in a game of pretend, in a game that features lesser and greater characters. Return instead to the truth of equality, and you can be truly helpful.

Who is there to be right? There are no separate ones. There is only One. So when you are tempted to reinforce the notion of separate ones, allow us to sweep away what isn’t so you can see and feel what is and always has been. Then you will be able to share it.

If there are no separate ones, then no one can be wrong and no one can be right. All of this is enactment due to the acceptance of the idea of separation. It’s safe to put down the opposing roles and to reach for something deeper. To do this is to end fatigue and to accept deep rest. There is a clue in your language. Deep rest, depressed. Sometimes when people stop reaching for false enactments, activity stops and intense feelings arise. Depression is looked upon with horror and resistance, but it is actually a very healing state. If you are willing to pause and to allow healing, if you are willing to stop striving and allow feeling, you will find what is always there for you. When you find it, you can share it.

We thank you for listening, and we thank you for allowing us to light the way to remembrance of your Self. It is our profound joy to lead you Home, where you have always been. When you realize this fully and deeply, you can assist your divine siblings in the realization that they have always been safe, always at Home.

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash


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