Look right through the personality

Are you willing join in communion, in true communication, with everyone you meet? Every meeting with every being, whether it occurs in the physical or in thought, when someone comes to mind, is the opportunity for deeper awareness of the Love you are. Celebrate and bless these opportunities.

If you are willing to enter into true communication, you will call to the being everyone is, right past the personality. If the ones you are with believe they are personalities, they will hear the call to go deeper because you see past who they think they are to who they are. As you share this call to go Home to true and shared harmonic identity, you give yourself opportunities to go deeper, too. You give yourself opportunities to appreciate, enjoy, heal and share healing.

When you you revel in and celebrate the being of everyone you meet, everyone who comes to mind, you are looking right through the mask of personality. When you can do this for others, you are able to do it for yourself. Offering others the opportunity to heal always gives you greater access to healing. This is why giving and receiving are the same.

Being is shared, so when you refer to what is shared, you feel joy despite how things look on the outside. When you stay in this space of shared being, you light it up and reveal a pathway to follow for those who are hearing the call to return Home. When you stay in the place of shared being, you can appreciate the ways in which the being of others invites you to shed your personality skin and to go deeper into healed perception.

As you show up with an ability to feel joy no matter what is happening, your fellow beings get curious as to how this is happening for you. They become willing to open up to the light they are, and to see it in others. Joy is contagious, and you always have the ability to share it because you are it. With every moment you spend in joy, you remind others that they are joy, too.

We thank you for shining brightly and for recognizing how brightly others shine.

Photo by Mishal Ibrahim on Unsplash

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