Perfect opportunities for healed perception

Every situation you experience is for healing. You are accustomed to putting other goals first. You are accustomed to believing that it is you, separately, who achieves or doesn’t achieve these goals. You are accustomed to believing that it is you, separately, who controls the steps on the way to the goal perceived. Whether the goal seems to be cleaning a bathtub or making someone feel loved, you believe you are in charge. This separate sense of you-ness is pain (and also pleasure), but there is a belief in place that it is necessary to cling to it and to control it in order to bring rewards that will make life tolerable.

Your purpose in every situation is to be a conduit for healing–to allow it. It is a change in perception–seeing the physical self as a conduit rather than a separate and vulnerable doer. When you see the physical self as a conduit for the only thing that truly exists, the physical self perceived is in the hands of love.

When you see the physical self as a conduit for the only thing that truly exists, you are not attempting to hold the physical self aside in your perception in order to control it yourself. Remember, the physical self is only a perception. In other words, it is no big whoop. It seems like a big whoop. The only big whoop is the big whoop shared by all, and that expresses lovingly through all that you allow it to express through.

Do you really have the power to control those perceived as other? Yes, but only through love. When you allow love to control your thoughts, you allow love to control your perceptions. When you allow love to control your perceptions, you allow love to control your perception of all you see, and all you now see as other. Think about that. Only a perception. If all is only a perception, when you allow Love to be in charge (and Love is the True Self of all), what do you see? You don’t know, and that’s okay. Would you like to find out?

A side note: If you would like to believe in mind control through fear and hate, you can live out a drama in which that seems to happen. This is a helpful drama to experience in the sense that it shows you outside what exists inside. Believing that your divine sibling is capable of something “evil” is only a reflection of your belief that you are capable of the same. It is a very simple perception. If you are willing to acknowledge that you believe you are capable of evil, then help for that perception is right here. You don’t have to experience the call to go in anymore when you just go in and admit to your own belief about yourself.

We say that dramas are helpful because they are calls to go in. If you experience a drama about mind control through fear and hate, simply remember that ego sends you fearful and hateful thoughts all day because you subscribed to its thought streaming service. Do you ever experience any disquiet, any disturbance, about anything? This is the indicator that you are currently subscribed to ego’s through-streaming service. If you’re experiencing time and space, you’re subscribed. If you believe that someone can be blamed, ever, you’re subscribed.

We are here to help bring you into a state of mind in which your true thoughts–thoughts from Love–are readily available and easily heard. We are here to help bring you into the state of mind in which a thought from ego is heard as completely nonsensical and therefore not at all believable.

You are not assailed by chaos out in the world. You are not victimized by chaos out in the world. You are being given an exact snapshot of the mind and of your beliefs about yourself. The remedy for a mind in chaos is going in to allow healing. There is a huge cleanup that has to be done, but you don’t do it. You allow it. You allow the cleanup through your willingness to stop and focus upon what is Real.

Every other in any situation you experience is there to be seen as an equal and beautiful conduit for healed perception. How you see others is very, very important. In this journey to healed perception, ego will take the perception of healed perception, turn it into a product, and try to cast you in a satisfying role of delivering healed perception unto others.

All have the same access to healed perception in every situation. The way you share healed perception is by accepting it yourself. If you attempt to hoard healed perception and then dole it out as a gift, you have not accepted healed perception. Just by accepting it, you are sharing it. Every day is for accepting healed perception, therefore allowing it to come to and through all as you accept it.

Everyone and everything is a mirror. If you’re looking upon the healed, that means you allowed healing. Don’t fear the mirror or think that the mirror will give you something you don’t have. It only reflects. Focus upon the opportunities for healing you experience today, and you will never fear a reflection of pure innocence and love.

Any feeling of disquiet is an indicator that healing is available. Go in with the intention to accept what can be given–not by a world, but within–and you are in your function. To be within one’s function is to be happy.

Give thanks that Spirit is Here always to guide all in their roles. This means that you never have to worry about what someone else is going to do. Spirit is here equally for all, right now. Focus on how Spirit is here for you, right now, and ask to be guided. This takes care of everything that appears to be outside.

Allow Spirit (your True Self, and the True Self of all) to rule your day by bringing you into the perfect opportunities for healed perception. Ask for this: Let me see what is truly Here–what has always been here–instead of what I wanted as a substitute.

When you are asking for this or that, you are asking to be granted an opposite to what seems to be here. Being granted an opposite to what seems to be here–it just keeps you in the same perception of pleasure/pain. Asking to see what is truly Here for all–it brings you out of the perception of pleasure/pain and into peace and joy.

In any moment of disquiet, allow yourself to be escorted out of the perception pleasure/pain and into your natural state of peace and joy, and this is what you will experience consistently with your mirrors–your divine siblings.

We are here for you in every moment, and you can focus upon us in any moment in which you need assistance.

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