There is enough gas in the tank

You have enough desire to get you Home. There is enough gas in the tank. There is no need to worry about what fuels this journey because its successful conclusion is guaranteed. You will see its momentum increasing as the awareness that you are on a journey, and the journey is shared, dawns on more and more minds.

Because you have enough desire, you are sharing that telepathically with others. It will only grow, this strong longing for the true experience of Home.  This unstoppable yearning will expand and be shared until it cuts right through anything ego suggests. You will all let go of dependence on ego in what seems to be a process, but right now notice how there is simply no other outcome possible. Ego will be released and full awareness of ever-present harmony restored.

Think of this force, this growing force of the desire to return Home, shared effortlessly. We emphasize the telepathic aspect of your journey, the one you often ignore in favor of physicality. You will come to realize that your telepathic connection with one another is primary, and distractions that seem to come from physicality are only that. You will become far less distractible because of what you are sharing with one another. You are dropping the sharing of discord. You are, more and more, sharing the awareness of healing, peace, harmony, grace and strength. You assist beings in returning to the awareness of their innocence and their wholeness, and from that platform it is very easy to hear the voice of the Whole and to give one’s life over to the joy and the ease of following it.

First you have the desire, which you share mind to mind. Then you discover the willingness to focus where you need to focus in order to release the experience of what is not and to return to the full awareness of what it and always has been. With willingness, all things are possible. With willingness, you discover ease and flow. You share that telepathically, too. Your face-to-face encounters always present you with opportunities for healing and for shared joy, but beyond that, all of you are touching, influencing and sharing with so many minds. More and more, you are sharing the beauty of what you are rather than a temptation toward thoughts and experiences of discord. It is a very beautiful light show for us to watch. We thank you.

You do this together, with and for each other. As you release your hold on thoughts that are not true, you make it possible for others to do so. As you clear the thoughts that are not true out of awareness, you make space for thoughts reflecting Truth to enter. As you allow these thoughts to dominate, you share them with your Divine Siblings, and they are called Home.

We thank you for all the assistance you provide, much more than you can see. You can provide assistance because you accept ours in healing. Your willingness to accept healing is a very beautiful thing, and it is a delight to see how it is shared in ways you are only just beginning to become aware of. It is our joy to let you know about the profoundly good news you are sharing mind-to-mind. Let this be a blessed day of sharing.

Photo by Marek Szturc on Unsplash

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