Allowing Love’s extension

Allow Love to be extended through you today. Okay, but how? An allowing is not an ego doing. Allowing Love to be extended through you is the most natural thing there is. If you are allowing, it means that you are not blocking. You block your awareness of Love’s presence through thought. So the key to allowing lies always in thought.

When you allow Love to be extended, it means that you allow what you Are to join in your experience with what everyone else Is. In other words, this is all about awareness. Your awareness is what allows you to have various experiences. You are coming into awareness now that all beings are Love, and all beings are equally innocent. All beings are joined without separation or conflict, no matter what appears to be happening in the storyline, in the plot of linearity.

In other words, the joining is already there, already present. You just allow yourself to see what is already there. This is why allowing the awareness of Love is the simplest thing in the world. It is never anything an ego has to struggle to bring about. This means that you can drop all your ideas about becoming worthy enough or good enough to see Love everywhere. You Are. Everyone else Is. Full stop. What you want or what you seem to lack is already right here, right now, fully. Find your willingness to come into the awareness that everything you need is right here, right now.

Whenever you are in any situation of difficulty, it is a blessing. It is a blessing because you have been habitually believing thoughts that block this seeing that all are joined in peace, always. These situations are your opportunities to agree to allow that thinking to change. When you are in a situation that you experience as difficult, it is a signal to you that you believe in some way that you are not worthy of peace. This very situation brings to the surface the thinking that blocks your awareness of love’s ever-presence, and that is why it is a gift. When false thinking rises up out of its hiding place to the surface, it can be bathed in the light and allowed to dissolve.

In other words, ego has been suggesting thoughts to you, and you have been believing them. Each situation of challenge is an opportunity to notice your feelings and thoughts and to find the willingness to be guided past habitual belief in egoic thoughts. It truly is all about the thinking and the believing. And the solution is always very simply about finding your willingness to experience a change in the thoughts you hear, the thoughts you believe.

Abide in that beautifully free-flowing stream of willingness all day, and know that we are always here, always assisting you. We bless you as what you Are blesses us, eternally.

Photo by Ergita Sela on Unsplash

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