Repost: Dance with other minds

I’m still going to receive a message today, but I felt drawn to this one first and wanted to share.

I just noticed that I received it almost exactly a year ago. Two days after that, there was a school shooting in Parkland, Florida. This perspective really helped me see the opportunity we have when we think about events that seems so destructive.

Honestly, when I think of the call to repost this, I get a little frightened. The words I hear when I say that are: You apply to fear as a resource. Yes, I can feel how that’s true. I’m relying on it, and I don’t have to.  But I was wondering if I’m reposting this because something is going to happen.

Here’s what I get on that:
If something is going to happen, wouldn’t you want to reach out and connect to those minds in and as the Love that they are? Wouldn’t you want to share with them their true worth, their angelic nature, how very much they are loved and cherished, and their capacity for happiness? Wouldn’t you want to share the means for forgiveness of all?

Yes, I would.  💚


We often encourage you to remember that all minds across time and space are always connected, always touching each other. This means that your mind is always able to extend love in any moment, in any situation, even when you are alone in a room. Here is a wonderful example of how love can be extended from mind to mind.

You are always in communication with all other minds. If you learn how to stay within the frequency of peace, your awareness of this does not have to be disturbing or draining. Instead, you will experience this awareness as a never-ending opportunity.

What are you experiencing? What thoughts are you believing right now? You are resonating with other minds across time and space.  What do you want to be contributing to those minds across time and space–expansion or contraction? What do you want to be contributing to your own experience–the ease of Love or the tension of fear?

Let’s say you feel caught in negativity or contractedness. Should you be concerned that you are resonating and promoting experiences of fear across time and space? No, of course not. That experience of negativity is your alarm clock. Your feelings are valuable and are not dangerous. Your feelings are helpful. When you feel yourself moving into contraction, it is your honor and your privilege to wake up to what you are doing. When you move into contraction, you are turning toward fear for guidance. It is your opportunity to remember your willingness to release fear in all forms. It’s your chance to remember that Love is always there beneath the fear. From there, you can remember that fear is an illusion, and Love is the only thing that is real.

Over and over and over and over again, you get the chance to remember who you are, what is real, and what isn’t real. As you do this, Truth is communicated across time and space. You do a service for yourself and everyone, every time you remember your willingness to release fear and your desire to be a conduit for Love.

What are you magnifying?
As you watch your thoughts, the quality of your thoughts is what you are magnifying across time and space as you resonate with other minds. Think of what this means. Let’s say you are feeling vengeful. You allow yourself to think along these lines for a few thoughts, but then you realize what you are doing and turn toward truth instead. There is another mind on your planet, also oriented toward vengeance, in 1895, in another country. Because you changed direction and turned toward truth, the other mind with whom you were resonant was also led toward freedom. The vengeful act the other mind was considering never came to pass.

In other words, history was rewritten. By tomorrow morning, everyone (and everything, in terms of recorded history) will have forgotten to remember the vengeful act that was committed by a shopkeeper in Europe in 1895. What we experience as our world is a projection of consciousness. What we are projecting changes very, very easily, especially once we become aware of our capacity to heal across time and space simply by accepting healing for ourselves.

It may seem to you as if history couldn’t possibly be changed, but if everyone forgets to remember something and all supporting information of it is wiped out, why couldn’t history be changed?

Cultivate a willingness to be flexible in your perceptions of the world. Cultivate a willingness to accept healing for yourself at every opportunity so your healing can be shared with all, no matter where, no matter when.

Focusing on Love
We are encouraging a focus on the transformative powers of Love and healing. What if you ignore problems? Should you be solving problems?

Accepting healing for yourself *is* the solving of problems. Remember that problems are projected into consciousness by unhealed minds. If you place your focus on healing, you share that healing. You are addressing apparent problems at their source.

The gift of this Now moment is that it can heal all the moments that went before. What are you going to project into consciousness from this Now?

Responding to tragedy with Love
The next time you hear a piece of news that is disturbing, notice what your mind does. Do you retreat into fear, into anguish, into contraction? You can’t express Love when you have retreated into fear, into contraction. You are happy when you are expressing the Love that you are, bringing it into form.

Bring a new awareness of who you are and what you do to this situation. You hear a piece of news that is disturbing, but you know at the moment you hear it that your mind is directly connected with the enactors in that situation and with everyone who has been affected by the enactors. You’re also connected with all ones reacting or responding to the news.

We use the term enactors to emphasize how those you would call villain are channels showing us how our shared mind is operating. Are they reflecting function or dysfunction? If the enactors are showing you dysfunction, they are showing you exactly what to release. Thank them. We know this is radical, but your thanking them is a reflection of your love for them and their true worth. It is a reflection of the love the enactors have for the receivers (victims) and the love that the victims have for the enactors underneath all the layers of separate identity.

How do you connect with the mind of an enactor in a way that is helpful? You see the Love and light they are underneath the surface. You see that all beings have equal worth. You see that the Oneness of us all can communicate lovingly with that one. Everyone has this same potential to receive guidance from the One of All. You hold the awareness of who they truly are for them.

You hold this same awareness for any who are called victim–the receivers of the action. Look at what your beautiful mind is contributing now. The enactors and the receivers of the action came together to send you a powerful call to wake up. You can give them your thanks for the role they play.

Awakening to what they are doing for you, you hold the space for them to awaken, too. They let you go first. What a very kind gesture. We are turning perception upside down on purpose to let you see there is something much greater at work.

Now that you understand, what are you projecting into consciousness? You’re projecting healing, love, recognition of everyone’s worth, and openness to guidance from Source. There is no greater gift you could give to the enactors, the receivers, or yourself. This is how you bring healing for all into expression here in form.

Response is more powerful than reaction
Reaction looks like a lot, whereas response (focusing on how the Love you can extend through mind-to-mind connections) looks like nothing at all. Because of what you have learned to value in your world, it is astonishing that the power of mind-to-mind connection–what you can do with no one noticing a thing, but everything in creation affected by it–is so transformative.

This is what is meant by the meek inheriting the Earth. If you’re Loving and enjoying the delight of mind-to-mind connection, how your brothers and sisters are awakening you and allowing you to go first, you seem to be pretty meek, but you’re actually amazingly powerful. The idea of the meek inheriting the earth is not that only the good-enough ones get to succeed and thrive.

This is about everyone discovering the power they are. Everyone becomes meek because everyone comes to know they don’t need to lift a finger for the peace and love they have been seeking. It happens mind-to-mind. It seeps in and then expresses itself out in the world through loving action. Action becomes a pure delight, not a means of getting or dominating. Meekness is a very kind virus, and it’s very contagious.

Sharing the power of Love with all
We want you to think playfully in terms of action, since your perspective and your thoughts, your confidence in Love or in fear, your willingness to see Union or separate identity–those all precede your actions and experiences every time.

In a playful sense (always keep the ideas light lest you squeeze the Truth right out of the little fellers) the action is never, ever what you are doing. It is simply the result of what you have been projecting into consciousness. It’s the same for every body-mind. Actions are the result of perceptions.

As you observe this and come to know this on a more consistent basis, you can see the value in releasing all worry or concern about your actions. You can also see the value in using time wisely for the purpose of looking at the energetics of situations.

When you think of a situation that seems to lack peace in some way, be innocently curious. No blame. Just look and see opportunity. What minds are you connecting with? If you’re remembering the Holocaust, you’re connecting with the minds of all the enactors and the receivers. Memory brings you opportunities to heal, so here’s one right here. You have an opportunity to thank the enactors and the receivers for sending you this signal to awaken. You can see the worth, the love and the light of each being in this event that looms so large. You are also connecting with the minds of everyone who has ever given a thought to this time in history. Feel the immense power of it. Feel the beauty of the healing flowing from mind to mind. Feel that sacred moment.

What are we bringing to other minds, contraction or expansion? Are we magnifying disorder or bringing the healing light of Love to it? Are we sharing the healing light of Love and of understanding who each being within the situation really is? When we can thank each being within any situation–every enactor, every receiver, every reactor or responder–there we are. All together. In unity. Standing together in our power. Thanking the ones who allowed us to go first, and returning the gift of awakening now, across time and space.

As it becomes easier and easier to see every event this way, what you are projecting out into consciousness changes dramatically. Harmony and love come in to your physical experience in very powerful ways. You have everything to gain and everything to share in allowing Love to guide your perceptions.

Dance with other minds
There are many ways to practice this beautiful power of shared mind. Think of one mind right now–any mind at all. Now dance, mind-to-mind. There is great freedom here. All that you are can be shared. All that they are (and remember, they are always Love, no matter how many layers seem to obscure that) can be shared.

Think of a time when you saw another mind as imbalanced, and you had all the evidence to back it up. Now dance with that equally worthy mind. Are you going to pull that mind further off balance, or are you going to share all that you are and receive all that they truly are? It truly is up to you. Our loving shared Self is always there in every being. If you set yourself apart as loving and persist in seeing others as unloving, you merely put off the day when you can receive all the gifts Unity would love to give you.

When you are busy embracing the opportunity to connect with so many minds, to see so many beautiful beings, and to share joy with them all, you have less time to be reactive. You have less time to sink into the contractedness of fear. This is the proper use of time.

Abide in time lovingly by reminding yourself often of the Love your brothers and sisters are.

Photo by Nadim Merrikh on Unsplash


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