Divine Will is yours

Divine Will is your will. In other words, there is only one true will, and that is Divine Will, expressed in harmonic differentiation. The will presented to you by ego is an illusion. When you are listening to it, you are listening to nothing. When you think of what the ego’s will is, it seems very frightening, very disturbing. The ego’s primary goal is death. It’s all about body identification and the certain death of the body.

Part of coming back to your Self is coming back to your true will, returning to the peace of that, and knowing that what appeared to be the ego’s will has been nothing but a dream. It gives you tremendous joy to know that the will of your divine siblings is your will. They are one and the same, and when you relate to them knowing this, you allow the guidance that lifts you all out of the dream world together.

When we say that Divine Will is expressed in harmonic differentiation, we are saying that it is impossible for you to truly differ with your fellows. When it seems that you have come into conflict with one who seems other than you, know that this is not the truth of you. This is not the truth of that other. Ask Truth to guide you through. Truth will never ask you to attempt to dominate or to convince. Truth will lead you to the interaction that is the most loving and truly helpful.

In order to have access to Truth’s guidance, you must release your hold on ego’s concepts. Ego’s concepts are remembered and held tight. The thoughts of Truth will simply come to you as needed. There is no need to struggle to hold onto them or to remember them. If you have even a little willingness to set down ego’s concepts, to be shown what they are and what they aren’t then you will begin to hear the voice of Truth more and more until you admit that it is your own voice as much as it is the voice of your fellows.

Think of Divine Will as a radio station to which you can tune in. It is always available to you. The form in which this radio station seems to come is different for each being. It is adjusted to penetrate where the being will allow it to penetrate, with the information that will be most helpful for that being to receive and share. This is harmonic differentiation. Know that tuning into Divine Will weakens the ego structure. As the ego structure is being weakened, it fights back rather viciously. It flares up. It can be felt as a great disturbance. See this as a good sign. Watch the threat response of ego and see it as that. You are watching it as the Light you are, as the Light all others have always been.

As you tune in more and more, the voice of ego gets faint. Know that when it seems to flare up, it’s attempting to woo you. Will you believe it? Will you slip on the cloak of identity it is offering to you? Just watch the lures it throws out. Ask yourself if you believe what the ego is trying to say. You will find that you never do. Ego throws out thoughts quickly in an attempt to constantly shift. If you sit with an ego thought, you will always discover that you don’t actually believe it. Ego is simply a very clever invention to keep your focus away from what you are.

In order to hear the voice of Divine Will, you must set down everything that seems to disturb you. Ego seems to keep you from remembering that your actual right-now state is peace. Ego sends out constant suggestions to tell you that you are other than that, others are other than that. So then you see and experience a world that reflects what ego suggests.

Simply watch. Notice when you attach to ego suggestions and believe that they are true. Notice ego’s function of sending thoughts to you that are judgmental and contrasting. They are simply thoughts sent to you which will keep you in a state of illusion, the state you wanted in the first place. Ego only does its job, but you can always listen underneath it. As you listen underneath it to the true thoughts of the Whole, you stop hearing ego because you know it has no value. It doesn’t make any sense anymore.

We celebrate when you stop making sense out of nonsense, and we are with you every step of the way as you become receptive to Divine Will, your true will, the will that is always carried out effortlessly.

Photo by Maddy Baker on Unsplash

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