This is how we all heal together

We cannot underestimate the importance of your willingness to see things differently. When you are willing to see things differently, you are willing to return to the remembrance of true identity. When you are willing to see things differently, you are willing to allow not just a shift within the illusion, but a passing away of the illusion. It can only come with your permission.

It is equally valuable when you are willing to recognize the feeling of resistance, the feeling of rigidity. Being willing to sense rigidity means that you are willing to acknowledge when you are clinging to illusion, when you are lying to yourself. When you are resisting anything seemingly outside of yourself, you are blocking Love, every time. This means you are resisting the remembrance of who you are, of who everyone else is.

As we have said before, negative feelings seem to have everything to do with the storyline that seems to appear around you, but that is not the case. The feelings are the indicators that you are hanging onto a perception that is inaccurate. They are the indicator that you are clinging to the very storyline that seems to be the cause of disturbance. You are clinging to it and blocking out the awareness of the Love that you are. If you can’t see and experience the Love you are, you can’t see and experience the Love that everyone else is. That is why we say you don’t understand love.

When you seem to observe rigidity and resistance in another, it’s a reflection for you. A scene is being enacted for you so you can see what you falsely enact because you allow yourself to be led by egoic thoughts. This always comes back to your responsibility. Your responsibility, not your fault. Fault is of the ego and does not exist, but you can choose to continue to cling to an illusion, and that is what you have been doing.

The scenes that are enacted in front of you are always of benefit to you. Allow your sight to penetrate deeply so sight becomes vision. As you allow yourself to heal when events reflect an egoic attachment back to you, you always share this healing with the actor who did you a favor by showing you what you were attached to. This is how we all heal together.

Let us break this down. Let’s say that you seem to see someone enacting selfishness in front of you, and you find yourself being drawn into the web of temptation, the temptation to see others as separate and defective. The illusion depends on such interpretations, and you feel quite sure that one is separate. If you are seeing any other being as having a defect, you have just split up what is whole. You have allowed your perception to fragment.

That one who seems to be so selfish is doing you a favor. He may be showing you that you think help is not forthcoming. You may be thinking that you are not cared for. You may be thinking that you lack what you need. This view of yourself or another is the only way you can see another as selfish. You must see another in lack to decide another one is separate. And so perception chops up the whole through judgment.

When you properly perceive the temptation to view another as selfish, you can thank that one for how they highlight your separation-oriented thinking. Where it is highlighted for you, you can affirm your willingness to accept perception correction rather than to sink into the tempation of separate identification. When you have invested in perception correction rather than blame, you are able to interact with that seeming other in a way that is truly helpful. When you interact in truly helpful ways, you feel better because you are allowing healing.

We are delighted to assist you in your healing that you may share it with all.

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5 thoughts on “This is how we all heal together

  1. 100% Agreed: just everything out there is meant to make us grow towards we need to go, although we resist going that direction. And generally, that feeling of resistance is the biggest sign that’s really what we are meant to go through, and the “negative” is the reverse side of our unwillingness to go on the right path for us… great words, thank you !

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