What is your will for me?

What is your will for me?

We encourage you to ask this many times today, and notice where ego pops up in resistance. Where does anything pop up that doesn’t want to be told what to do? Where does anything pop up that wants to be in charge? Just watch, and allow it to dry up in the sunshine of what you truly Are.

When you ask, “What is your will for me?” you ask your True Self, your joined and unified Self, to run the show. You ask through the cloud of false self that you still experience. You call out through the perception of the separated one to get the lifeline that leads you back to the unified One, the one you have been all along, the one everyone else is. You make the call to Harmony rather than to conflict to show you, to lead you, to inspire you, to instruct you.

Ask to know. Ask to know what is true in any situation. Ask to know and you will be shown. When you ask to know, you are asking through the cloud of ego that insists it does know. Ask through what insists that it does know, because there is your clue right there. Only ego insists. Only ego would send out fear thoughts to prevent you from going deeper.

Beyond the cloud of ego–there your happiness lies. There the happiness of everyone else lies. Simply allowing yourself to be moved in each moment by what you are. Feeling for that, flowing with that. This means that you don’t stop at believing disturbing thoughts and then taking action as a separate one based on disturbing thoughts, based on remedying or fixing. You wait. You listen. You are moved, beyond all judgment.

When you notice yourself trying to control conditions, when you notice that you don’t feel good, ask, “What is your will for me?” Ego will bristle when you appear to be asking someone else. Go right ahead. That someone else is not else at all. It is You as you are and always have been. When you don’t feel good, you have been asking the false self for instruction, and that delightful alarm of feeling helps you know to stop and ask for the instruction that leads to happiness. It serves you. Give thanks for the reminder.

Keep turning to guidance, and you’ll hear guidance speak.  All the defenses that pop up when you ask to hear from guidance will be felt, and as they are felt, give thanks that they are melting away in the sunshine. Allow them to come right up to the surface where they can be seen and felt as the nothingness they always have been.

Allow this apparition of the false to disappear through exposing it without struggling against it, and everything becomes clear and easy.

We invite you into ease and clarity today. Our celebration is the constant celebration to which you always have access. Meet us there in the breath Meet us there in the asking for guidance, and we’ll meet you.  Hear this: My will for you is perfect happiness.

Photo by Ben Pattinson on Unsplash

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