Shared purity and innocence

You are here to bring forth the good, the holy, and the beautiful. You are not here to mess up or to try hard. It is natural for you and for everyone to bring forth the good, the holy, and the beautiful–a reflection of what you Are together. Keep your focus there. It is natural for everyone to show up as a reflection of what you truly and collectively Are. It is easy and effortless for everyone to show up as a reflection of what you truly and collectively Are. Feel the ease of the mind-to-mind connection, of minds receiving an invitation to sink into what they Are, into the foundation of Love, into effortlessness and ease, and then speaking and acting from that place. A settled place. A place where you are all settled, calm and loving together, eternally.

If you release the idea of an obligation to try hard in any particular area, you will find a very natural effort toward waking up. This is inspiration. You will want very much to discern between the voice for ego and the voice for Who You Are, so what you perceive as effort will be applied very naturally in that direction. This is the proper use of discernment. You don’t use discernment to judge another’s value or to make an analysis of the actions of another. You only use discernment to know when you are hearing ego thoughts vs. thoughts emanating from the Wholeness of you.

Ego thoughts depend on your attachment to fear and judgment. If you don’t attach to fear and judgment first, ego thoughts do not make any sense and are ignored. The voice of ego gets increasingly weak and faint. The voice of collective Purity and Innocence becomes much easier to hear until it is all that you hear. This is peace. Peace has nothing to do with outer conditions. Peace is the bliss of hearing only the voice of what you Are because you have dropped all dependence on fear.

You bring forth the good, the holy, and the beautiful by communicating mind to mind. Communicating is not something an ego does. Communication is. There is a holy resonance between what you perceive to be separate minds, and when you tune into that and allow your speech and actions to come from there, it feels very good. Allow feeling to be your guide. When you tune into this resonance, this Beauty, you make it more available to everyone around you. You share the awareness of it with all minds across time and space.

The good, the holy, and the beautiful emanate from you very naturally in the form of speech and action. Are you willing to allow the good, the holy, and the beautiful to flood what you perceive to be your speech and your action today? Every place you feel resistance, it is a place to allow the flood of what you Are to wash it all away. Every time you perceive a conflict or a judgment or a tension between you and a divine sibling, it is an opportunity to allow the flood of the Love that one is to wash your perception clean. When you allow your perception to be washed clean of fear, speech and action come effortlessly and joyfully.

When everything you appear to do in this world springs directly from your true and pure love for your divine siblings, for your unity in All That Is, it can be felt. You feel joy, delight and flow. You see that joy and delight in your divine siblings. Forgiveness is the release of fear, an allowance of the flow of Love. Forgiveness is seeing everyone truly as the eternal innocence, power, truth and strength they Are, without exception. Forgiveness is calling everyone Home to effortless action and to freedom.

We call you home every moment of your day with loving resonance, and we celebrate when you accept the healing that allows you to hear the voice of Who All Are eternally.

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