Come out, come out, wherever you are

You know. Deep inside you know. If there is anything at all to know, you already know it. Knowing is a matter of remembrance. Are you willing to remember? Look at the word re-member and see it as a putting back together. It is a putting back together of disparate parts that were never truly apart.

Knowing is always available to you. Knowing is always available to you because it is not separate from you. It is always available to you because you are worthy of it, as all are worthy.

How does this apply to what you experience as daily life? First of all, remember that you have chosen to be seemingly caught up in a cycle of days. You are hiding out in time, only you can’t hide. You are seen, and you are seen as wholly innocent. When, in the midst of this seeming cycle of days, you think the way forward is not clear, use the breath. With the in breath, think I am willing to remember. With the out breath, say to yourself, I allow remembrance to return to me. By being willing to remember, to put back together, you will remember your innocence and your completeness. From the basis of this completeness, guidance about how to proceed through seeming space and time comes to you. You are whole, you are innocent, and you are worthy. There is nothing an ego needs to struggle to run or to figure out.

Use the intention for remembrance throughout your day. When you are willing to remember, you will see that you did not dis-member anything. You did not destroy anything in making an illusion. You did not pull anything apart in choosing to focus upon a dream existence. No damage has been done. To remember is to see your innocence. To remember is to forgive.  In forgiveness is access to deep and abiding love–not a love that can be increased or decreased or taken away–simply the love you are and always have been without ceasing.

Remember our presence, and remember our love. You are surrounded by our love at all times, and it is your love. Love is the only thing that can be truly shared.  In every moment, you are either staying in your hiding place of illusion, or you are welcoming others into the light of the love you all are. When you come out of your hiding place into the welcoming light of love, you share an invitation to emerge from illusion with all across time and space. We celebrate as you realize how truly safe and cherished you are, and we are filled with joy as you emerge from your hiding places to join in the love you never lost.

Photo by Landon Martin on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see I know 

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