Remembering Harmlessness You didn't make it up. You remembered it. Your memory of who and what you and all are, of what everything you see is--it's coming back online now. Sometimes the strife of the world seems more real than this fresh remembrance. But remember that this Reality of all that steps forward in your mind--you … Continue reading Remembering Harmlessness

We can use everything Your goal is allowing the full remembrance that love is the only thing that is Real. When you think you have another goal and you are experiencing any negative feeling state in relation to it, it is a call to recognize your real goal. Pausing to put your attention on the real goal will … Continue reading We can use everything

Come out, come out, wherever you are

You know. Deep inside you know. If there is anything at all to know, you already know it. Knowing is a matter of remembrance. Are you willing to remember? Look at the word re-member and see it as a putting back together. It is a putting back together of disparate parts that were never truly … Continue reading Come out, come out, wherever you are

Waves of remembrance

Nothing can change what you are. You are immutable, vast, always safe from harm, never harming. You are the changeless. No passing condition can affect this. Nothing can change the beauty and sanctity of what you are.  Conditions and circumstances come and go, but nothing can affect the stability of who you are, of who everyone … Continue reading Waves of remembrance

Calling upon what is Real

Today we invite you to meet the new as the new. Each being, in truth, is sparkling clean, pure, and fresh. When you know this in interaction with them, there is no need to bring the past with you. You can meet each being unadorned, without carrying the past memories or future projections with you. … Continue reading Calling upon what is Real

Here comes the sun

Feeling is your guide. You can feel when you are powered by mind and when you are powered by Mind. When you allow flow from the nonjudgmental awareness that we are, there is no disturbance. When you are engaged in separated mind, you can feel fears and defenses. When you are mistaking these fears and … Continue reading Here comes the sun

Emerging from amnesia

You are already free. Now allow any reactiveness to that to float to the surface. You seem to become free through the process of releasing misconception, but the truth is that you are free. You are free to continue to act as if you are bound. Reactiveness there? That is who you aren't. Allow it … Continue reading Emerging from amnesia

Welcome Home

Remember when you invented time? That's a joke. The re-membering is a putting back together to realize that time never actually was or is. Time was invented by you for the use of the ego, also invented by you. Outside of the egoic experience, time is not necessary or desired. In fact, you know by … Continue reading Welcome Home