Let me see you as you Are

When we have the intention to see everyone else as they truly Are, we can experience ourselves as we truly Are, flowing in the peace and harmony that is our shared and true identity. We have some healing to accept on our way out of distorted identity, and that healing is always available to us. When we combine the power of the divine roles that are always being played out all around us with the power of the healed perception that is always available to us from our nonphysical teams, we cannot go wrong.

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 6 – Let me see you as you Are

5 thoughts on “Let me see you as you Are

  1. Yes yes yes! I suppose this is why I love other people (my fellow spirits) so much. It’s kind of special to know that we each are being helped every day we are around others to be our highest and best selves. One way or the other we are getting a leg up. What a lovely way to experience being here on Earth!! 🙂

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