The transparency of the unreal Spirit always helps you see through what you think you are seeing. When you feel certain that you are looking upon a defect or a lack in the "other," the defect or lack seems real. It can only ever be a projection, however. When you are truly tired of feeling unhappy, you will recognize … Continue reading The transparency of the unreal

Recognizing your preference for ego’s world Look around you with physical eyes. You see ego's world. Ego's world is not real. Isn't that incredible? Ego's world is not real. All of the fear you feel comes from believing ego's world is real. Behind that, what you really fear is that you have done something wrong in making ego's world, and … Continue reading Recognizing your preference for ego’s world

Just look

Why are you in the place you seem to find yourself? What are you doing? You're here to consciously allow knowing into your experience. This means you're going to abandon all the misleading secondary sources and allow primary source information to flow through you at all times. You can experience this as beautiful thoughts or … Continue reading Just look