There is a gift in everything

We’d like to play with your notion of answers and solutions. Oneness is the answer to everything. If you remember that, every answer or solution that appears to come to you in form originates in the Oneness of us.

On the one hand, form came into being because of your curiosity about what not-oneness would be like, and now you are clinging to fear, afraid to return to full awareness of our oneness. The fear, which doesn’t actually exist but seems very real, blocks your full awareness of Oneness–of universal innocence, purity and strength. As a result, you experience images of not-innocence, not-purity and not-strength seemingly outside of you.

On the other hand, the illusion of not-oneness is possible because of the Oneness. The experience of not-oneness was presented in a safe form that would not harm anything in creation–a pretend world.

Here in this pretend world, if you put your primary attention on the Oneness of us, the transformative power of it, the all-encompassing love of it, rather than on the form that can be so fascinating, everything you need to see through the pretend world and to come into full awareness of Reality will be provided for you.

In the pretend world, the idea is that things come to you because you work hard or because you are worthy, talented, lucky or criminal. In the pretend world, the idea is that there is both reward and punishment. In the pretend world, you believe in, worship, and make yourselves victim to physical cause and effect.

Oneness calls you to something different. It calls you to witness universal deservability. All deserve happiness with no reference to what you think a personality structure is or what you think past deeds of individuals are. The whole interplay of form that has been going on comes from one mind.

There is only one mind, so there is no one to blame. The one mind seems to be divided into the many minds, and waking up means seeing through all of the differences to the sameness. That sameness is the foundation of you all. It is your equality, your power, your innocence–always shared. The surface is only a drama you have been enacting together because you wanted it. Remember that you are enacting it together in corresponding roles, no matter which role you appear to be performing at the moment. It is always a together-enactment.

This is very good news. Because this is always a together-enactment, there is no one to blame, including yourself. There is everything to see through, everything to undo. In order to allow peace to be reflected back to you in your pretend world, you must allow your awareness to return to the foundation of the peace you have always been.

When you appear to have a problem in form, an answer may appear to come in form, but all things spring from the Oneness we are. If you make this Oneness your perceptual reference point, your conscious foundation, then you will find that you can’t have a problem. You only have opportunities to allow your mind to be cleared. This sounds trite, but it is the truth. Every circumstance is an opportunity to emerge from amnesia.

How is this done? You allow yourself to feel. You notice the thoughts that are attached to the feelings. You tune into our connection, where we are joined. You express your willingness to receive perception correction, which is the same as healing. Done. Over and over until your mind clears. This is the only use of time now. It’s a very simple process, very powerful (as the mind is powerful), very effective, very easily repeated.

If you dedicate yourself to what seems like personal healing but manifests in the collective, whatever you need will be provided for you. The more you tune in to where we are joined instead of relying on the efforts of your character to secure what seems needed, the more everything that assists you will just come to you. If it doesn’t just come to you, you will feel effortlessly inspired to the action that seems to bring it to you. Whatever you receive in form, it is provided for you, and it will be helpful to you.

If what you experience in form seems negative, it’s going to help you purge your attachment to fear. You have been relying on fear to guide you, but you can withdraw from that reliance and transfer it to what is real–Love. Negative experiences assist you in doing this because they bring your attachment to fear right up to the surface in a way that can be seen and felt. It can’t be ignored, and that’s a very good thing. What can’t be ignored can be healed, and healed now. That’s why every player in this drama deserves your sincere thanks for what they help to reveal. They reveal what we have been hiding. They show us what we can accept healing for right now.

If your experiences seem positive, they’re going to guide you deeper into the flow. They may also help you purge an attachment to fear if you meet what seems positive with distrust or anxiety. Pay attention to how you feel. There is a gift in everything. Everything in your pretend world serves you when you turn it over for the purpose of healing. It either reflects the joy you are back to you or it reveals what you have been hiding so you can accept healing for it right now. It truly is a wonderful world, a wonderful opportunity you are experiencing, no matter how it looks.

We thank you for your willingness to return to the basis of what you are, to rediscover your innocence and perfection, the perfection and innocence of all. As you accept healed perception, you bring joy to the world, and it is our delight to witness it.

Photo by Gian D. on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 15 – Oneness calls me to our foundation

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