Pass the marshmallows

We invite you to look upon perceived points of decision today. Just look at when you think you want one option over another. How does it feel? Does it flow smoothly and peacefully? Is there resistance and struggle? Is there indecision?

There is a way to allow all perceived decisions to flow smoothly. It comes from allowance. You allow all things to be as they are, and you allow all decisions to spring forth from that which you are rather than that which you aren’t.

Disturbed feelings are a clue for you. They mean that-which-you-aren’t is in the body’s driver’s seat. Isn’t it nice to have a reliable alarm system?  That’s why your willingness to feel is so important.

Your ability to feel, once the world has been turned over for the purpose of healing, becomes your indicator of who is driving the body through the story. Is ego driving the body through the story, or is healing itself driving the body?

Before you turned the world over to Love for the purpose of healing, feelings were a reason to fear and blame separate aspects of what you saw as the world. Feelings were also a reason to value one aspect of illusion over another aspect of illusion. Feelings were a reason to cherish some things and to reject others.

Now feelings let you know when you are experiencing another opportunity for healing. That is all. The feelings always indicate who is in the driver’s seat of the body. The healing is always for you. No matter how it looks on the outside, it is always about you. What is outside of you is always a projection. It is an illusion. As you learn to allow joy to drive the body, you experience reflections of that joy. The world can become a reflection of the wholeness of all of you, and as you turn time and the body experience over to healing, this is what happens.

When it appears you have a decision in front of you today, who decides? Who would you like to make the decision? Would you like it to be an ego decision or a decision from the Wholeness of you? There is no need to struggle over decision. Simply do your best given what you feel guided to, and trust that your guidance will become stronger and stronger. Trust that struggle will fade as you remember what is important.

In certain areas of your life, you have a preference for who you want to make decisions. Look at the areas of your life where it seems you would suffer if you lost control. Is it food? Is it wardrobe? Is it health? Is it personal interaction? What do you fear you would lose if Unity made the decision? What would be beyond ego’s control? An honest exploration of these questions helps to bring up opportunities for healing.

If you allow ego to decide for you, what is the benefit? The ego answers that its decision will bring pleasure to you. It says that its decision will help you to avoid pain. It says that its decision will keep you safe. If you notice that you are deciding on this basis, celebrate. You are bringing light to your decision-making process the moment you see what is going on. There will be a temptation to judge a separate-you as deciding wrongly, but remember that separate-you doesn’t exist, so you might as well save your energy.

If you feel struggle about decisions, the best thing you can do accept things as they are right now. Make a commitment that seems possible to you right now. Can you pause for one breath when you notice there is struggle around a decision? Maybe you can say, “Be You in charge,” which invites actual You (shared identity in Love) to be in charge instead of the momentum of false identity. Notice that we say the momentum of false identity. Allowing false identity to decide is just a habit, and this habit will lose momentum. It will die away. It’s always good news.

If you allow the Whole of you to decide, what is the risk? Ego will offer the same reasons it always offers. Ego will tell stories of how you will be harmed, bored or inconvenienced. Ego will tell stories about how you be judged, rejected or condemned. Ego will tell stories of how things won’t feel good because you won’t get your way or you won’t have pleasure. You are very familiar with these stories. You’ve heard them all before. Now you can take a seat in front of the campfire. Roast your marshmallows. Hear ego’s ghost stories and chuckle. You know these stories! And you can watch them burn in the loving flame of awareness.

We watch with you, in love and joy. Pass the marshmallows!

Photo by James Wheeler on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see I allow the Whole of us to decide

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