When you wake up in the morning, you see form. When you look in the mirror, you see a form, and you think this separate form is a you. The world you find yourself in is a world of form. We invite you to notice all that you project upon the form. For just a moment, simply contemplate all the forms in their variation, and invite yourself to see them as having no value. There they are, exactly as they are, but there is no value assigned yet. Just look at the world in freeze-frame, with no value.

The Oneness of us invites us to see the love we are everywhere, emanating everywhere, from everything. How is this possible? To use the language of your A Course in Miracles, you remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence. When you are identified as an ego, you value judgment. You value your perceived ability to place differential values on what you see as separate aspects of the world.

We encourage you to see egoic thought as emanating from a box you made. This one box sends out egoic thoughts to what you see as all the egos of the world. The thoughts that get sent to each egoic entity are perfectly designed to appeal to that entity. Egoic thought encourages the fantasy of judgment. We call it the fantasy of judgment because judgment isn’t actually possible. Judgment isn’t actually possible because what egos think they judge is nothing. It is illusion.

When judgment falls apart for you, when you are willing to look at yourself believing judgmental egoic thought, it becomes less and less likely that you will believe the thoughts ego sends your way. You will hear them, but you won’t believe them. As you realize that you don’t believe them, you stop hearing them. What do you hear or experience instead? You hear love’s thoughts. You experience flow.

When you are in this state, you perceive more of what you are. So wherever you go, you perceive love. Whatever you experience, you perceive love. If you don’t perceive love, you know exactly what to do. You look to see where you are blocking. You allow the light of awareness to do its work.

You are in charge of how you experience form. When you realize your power to look at how ego operates, you access your power to flow as that which ego blocks. Ego blocks love, but only at your instruction. Ego is a tool for separation perception, and it is a well-crafted tool. You can set the tool down. Ego helps you to see and experience illusion, and ego itself is illusion. In order to pick up the tool of ego, you have to be willing to experience illusion.

Seeing the world through an egoic lens, it’s a game of rock-paper-scissors. This thing can dominate that thing. That thing can dominate the other thing. There is differential power. There are varying outcomes with varying values. In the process of surrendering the egoic lens, you begin to hear egoic thoughts as if they are emanating from the box you made to have separation perception. You don’t hear them as your own. They are more of a suggestion. You are always the one who takes the suggestion to perceive in the way ego suggests.

When you can see how egoic thoughts come to you at your invitation, you can also see that there is another set of thoughts available. Those thoughts come from the Wholeness of us. As you learn that the ego thoughts are just coming from that box to give you separation perception if you want it, you also discover that you don’t want it. The thoughts of the Wholeness of us reveal that there is something other than the separation perception experience. It is what you are and always have been. You become willing to drop ego to experience the fullness of what you already are. As you experience that, you seem to see the reflection of it outside of yourself.

When you are abiding in the safety of the Wholeness of your true and shared Self, you do not place differential value on form. You enjoy and appreciate the configurations of form. If form disturbs you, you know it is inviting you back to clear perception. This means that there is no one particular form you have to chase. In that, there is great relief.

You do not need to compare forms. You do not need to assign different values to forms and to remember which forms are good and which ones are bad. If you attach to the beliefs of conflict suggested by ego, form shows you conflict. If you drop conflicting beliefs, there is only Love. Form reflects back to you what you believe in.

When you see ego thoughts for what they are, form itself becomes neutral. It’s just the canvas upon which to project a value. Ego will tell you exactly what to project upon it. When you stop valuing ego, then the love you are can come shining forth from the form. When the form seems to bring up feelings of great conflict within you, it’s doing you a favor. Right at that moment is your opportunity to accept healing, to become more awake to ego, to have greater discernment about where thoughts are coming from. In this sense, nothing can go wrong.

We are with you as you find your sure and stable footing in what we are, and we delight as you share this Real foundation with others-who-have-never-been-other.

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If you would like a practice, see Practice 18 – I allow the Love I am to shine through everyone and everything


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