The light is everywhere

Light is what you are, what the other guy is, and it is always playful. It emerges into any situation in which you invite it. Remember, you are a creator, always, and it is always possible for you to create in harmony with the other guy.

As you walk around your world today, consider the fact that it is an honor and a privilege to encounter the divine energy of every being you encounter. It is an honor and a privilege for every being to encounter what you experience as your energy. Too grand for you? Time to see things as they are. We promise you, you’ll like it. The time for cowering is over. The time for creating has always been here, and now you’re awakening to it.

The powerful being of light you are has always co-created harmoniously with all other beings under the surface of what you have presented to yourself on your planet. You created the illusionary surface using separate will. It’s becoming easier and easier to set that outmoded tool down and to allow the harmonious flow that always is to express itself through the body as you.

What has always been–peace, love, harmony–has always been far more powerful than the illusion you chose in your attachment to fear and separation. Once you sink into this, once you begin to trust it, that’s when your planet blooms and you can so easily see who your brothers and sisters are.

You simply stop struggling within the illusion. You allow what has always been there to emerge. You wait. You watch. You marvel. You create. What you are is the benign and harmonious energy of creation. You can feel it. You can feel what it calls you to. You simply sink into that, come to know it as yourself, and come to know it as the other guy.

When you think of the light in you meeting the light in someone else, when you think of the light that is waiting to spill into every event, without exception, you can see this light spread. You can see it covering everything, with separation being an impossibility. When you live your life from this reality, that light is in everyone and in every situation, it finds a conduit to the illusion in you. Then the illusion comes to reflect reality.

Remember choice. When you don’t feel this vital, alive presence of the light, when you don’t see it in others, it only awaits your invitation. It only awaits your willingness. The light is not condition-dependent, and it never has been. You don’t have to become good enough to be a worthy conduit of it. There has never been one moment when you have been truly unworthy. That’s a scientific impossibility.

You don’t have to wait until the other guy behaves according to thus-and-such a standard to know that he is a worthy source of the light. There has never been a moment when he had to “get better” for any purpose. He could never be any better than he already is.

When you begin to see this as your fundamental reality because you have learned to look beyond the conditions and events and judgments that are only the result of a past attachment to fear, the light spills out everywhere. You can feel it in you. You can see the radiance in another. You can feel it vibrating in every situation.

Joy is there for the taking, always. If you can’t see it or feel it yet, you can feel what appears to block it. Your ability to feel is your greatest blessing, and we always stand ready to help you see clearly. We only require your willingness. Take your will away from the separation that was never real, and redirect it to the harmony we have always shared.

Photo by Riley McCullough on Unsplash

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