Basking in abundance

If you find lack in any other, you are finding lack within yourself but trying to escape from it by seeing it as outside of yourself. Whenever you believe that lack in another is very real, remind yourself: I am the one who needs help.

You can also ask us to prove abundance to you. Challenge us: Prove to me that there is abundance within this oneHelp me see it.

When you are able to acknowledge that you feel lack within, you may attempt to fix this lack by changing form. You may feel that there is some relief to be had by going to work on form–by changing the form from this to that. We point out here that in changing from this to that, you are changing from illusion to illusion. Relying upon illusion for stability means that you will feel anguish and deep insecurity. Those feelings are your alerts that you are leaning on instability, asking it to be stable. Form is not stable and cannot provide happiness, no matter how much it seems that it can.

Think about form pleasing you. You may feel approval. You may feel satisfaction. This is all conditional. There is no stability there. You are accustomed to thinking that approval and satisfaction are happiness, so you go chasing after those states. You manipulate form in order to achieve those states. Approval and satisfaction are not happiness, and happiness is never about form. It may seem to be about form, but it never is.

Happiness can shine through form however. Being in touch with your essential nature, which has nothing at all to do with physicality–that can communicate through form. When you allow your essential nature to communicate through the form you seem to be, to make all decisions, to essentially live your life, that is happiness.

No form will ever fix a sense lack because there is no lack. If the sense of lack seems to subside because of the way the story is going, it will pop up in another form. If physical lack seems to be satisfied, emotional lack will make itself apparent. This game of satisfying lack through form is a game that has no ending. That’s what the experience of physicality is about. You come to believe that you are the form. You come to believe that the form lacks. You set yourself to work in service to the form. Your job becomes to satisfy the lacks. And you do this over and over and over again. You evaluate separate forms on their ability to satisfy these imaginary lacks.

What if you see through all of this and realize that there is and never has been any actual lack? There certainly has been a believable experience of lack delivered to you (by yourself) in many forms, but there never has been actual lack. If you point to physicality to show proof of a lack, you point to a dream experience and say that it is Reality. Although the dream experience seems very real, it has never been Reality.  The dream experience has been used to block the awareness of Reality.

Perception correction is what brings true relief. A nagging sense of lack is what is required to keep the ego dominant in experience. If you allow the nagging sense of lack itself to be corrected, you come from a much more honest place in your interactions with others. You come together in form to share the abundance you are, not to extract what is lacking from each other. Everyone is abundance itself, and everyone has that abundance to share. When you give freely from the goodwill that is neverending, you make its reality apparent to others. Acting from inspiration, the great well of abundance, you inspire.

Whenever you are unhappy, you are perceiving lack in some way. Ask for help in correcting your perception of lack. Be curious about what you are finding lacking. Be curious about what form you are finding essential. Look deeper than that for your sustenance. Look to what you Are. Bask in that. If form is needed to carry out your journey here, form will be supplied. Allow the dream to be run by who you truly are. Who you truly are knows you need nothing at all from the world of form, but it will arrange time and space so you can best share this abundance and to see it within all you meet.

We thank you for taking this time with us, basking in the light of the abundance you are that you may share it in every moment of your day, with every action, and with every thought.

Photo by Alex Gorham on Unsplash

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