Let everything come from joy

https://youtu.be/xjHVenbsbmQ You are called to focus within, upon what is Real. When you focus within, on the Love you are, on the Light everyone has always been, you allow your world to reflect back to you the wonderful Truth of your Being. Think of going within as reprogramming the world. You originally wanted it to … Continue reading Let everything come from joy

Ask us to prove it

https://youtu.be/wklydnW0lXg There are no shoulds. You might employ the concept of "should" or "should have" quite frequently. We propose to you that this is completely unnecessary. We invite you to throw off a burden today by releasing all of your shoulds--all of your shoulds for yourself, and all of your shoulds for everyone else. Set … Continue reading Ask us to prove it

The return of a joy that never left

Still at my mom’s bedside, waiting for what we call “the end,” but how beautiful to realize that there is no beginning and no end. I started this blog just over a year ago, and what a gift it’s been as I’ve been guided, seemingly in preparation for this moment that seems so big, but … Continue reading The return of a joy that never left

Invitation to celebration

There is only one where. No matter where you are, no matter what seems to be happening, we are all together in this one space, and all of your divine siblings share it with you. We are not separate, and we are not conflicted. We are harmonious. This means the truth of yourself and of … Continue reading Invitation to celebration

A light and flowering joy

You don't have anything to achieve in the world, apart from what you end up doing. Traditionally, you would call this laziness. But what is left without the rush-rush and the push-push? If everything is perfectly, divinely in place right now, what happens when you set down the rush-rush and push-push? When you allow that … Continue reading A light and flowering joy