Trusting Flow and knowing it as yourSelf

You are so very fortunate! The technology of awakening is very simple. You want to awaken because you want to be happy. Anytime you delay your awakening, you are confused, yet still you proceed further upon this road of awakening. As you proceed, you begin to see how very simple it is–how very simple and accessible to all in every moment. Yes, you immersed yourself into the complexity of ego on purpose, but there has always been a way out available to you. This pathway out of confusion is available to you in every moment. You can pretend it isn’t there, but that is all you can do. You cannot seal off the pathway.

The technology of awakening is offering unto us that which is not needed. When you surrender limiting thoughts and the beliefs to which they are attached, you allow True You to take over from ego. All suffering is on the surface. All healing and joy is at the core of who you are. The healing is the journey to the correct perception of who you and all “others” are. As you rejoice in seeing the truth of you and of all, the healing process accelerates.

What do you offer up to us, and when? You know what to offer by the resonance you feel. If you are in a situation in which you feel any disquiet, it is a beautiful opportunity for healing. You simply take the disquiet you feel, knowing it is attached to habitual patterns of thinking and seeing, and turn over all of that to us. It only takes willingness. It may be helpful for you to identify individual thoughts and beliefs to which you are attached. After this becomes an easy practice for you, you may not need to identify the individual thoughts at all. You just know that you are experiencing disquiet because egoic thinking is operating the character.

When you think you see ego in others and you feel any sort of discomfort, you’re actually feeling the resonance of the dysfunction to which you are attached. The only dysfunction is egoic thinking. This is why the healing process is very simple. Healing of any kind is about surrendering the egoic thinking and allowing the flow of what you are to take its place. In the process of this healing you lose the entire egoic identity, but you don’t mind because you begin to trust the Flow and to know it as yourSelf. The flow you come to know as yourSelf is your True and shared Self, and that is why it feels so good.

This is happiness–not any phenomenal thing, not any condition, not any worldly thing. Happiness is simply allowing the True Self to run things. Just as happiness is not about any worldly thing or condition, the same is true for unhappiness. Unhappiness comes into your experience as a helpful indicator that you have misidentified yourself. If you have misidentified yourself, you have misidentified all others across time and space. If you have misidentified yourself and all others across time and space, you feel dissonance. Healing is about saying this: I know I have made a mistake. I have insisted upon seeing things as they are not. I am ready for the correction now.

Here in this life experience you are divinely triggering each other to provide opportunities to feel the resonance of what is not needed. This is why everyone is an angel in disguise. If the other seems to be the one with the dysfunction, the other is offering you an opportunity to clear the dysfunction of ego from your thinking right now. For example, if you encounter another who seems to be completely wrapped up in himself, and you seem to feel pain as a result, it is a helpful reflection back to you. If you feel pain, impatience or discomfort, it is an indicator to you that you rely upon egoic thought to guide you, and then you experience unhappiness as a result. Unhappiness can never be the result of another person’s action or lack of action, of a another person’s quality or lack of quality. Unhappiness means, plain and simple, that you have been attached to egoic thought. Right now is always the perfect time to surrender that reliance upon egoic thought.

You do that transaction–that surrender–with us. You offer unto us what you have never needed, and you do it through simple willingness. When you offer what you have never needed unto us, you are offering it to the Christ, which means you are offering it to that “other” who seemed to be the cause of the dysfunction. All of us are the Oneness, the Christ. When we bring illusion to the blinding light of us, it is incinerated, and it is a service to all. They–the “others”–can only ever be an invitation to surrender what is not needed right now or to simply bask in the joy you always have been.  Before you can bask in the joy, you need to remove what you have been using to block it. If you have been using a distorted perception of others to block joy, the others will come to you in distorted form to help you see very clearly what it is you can surrender right now.

The only purpose of the past is to allow you to feel that resonance of what is not needed, and to give the thoughts and beliefs associated with that up to us. If you find your mind in the past, stop and ask how you feel. If you feel any dissonance, become curious about what it is you can offer to us, and then send it to us in the form of a paper airplane. Send it to us in any playful form at all, just send it to us. When the past has done its job, it will disappear from view.

If you visit the past often in mind, and you know you are doing this if you are judging others, because all judgment is of the past, you will begin to notice that prior to finding the mind focusing upon the past, you wandered away from what you Are–the Now, the simplicity of this moment. When you begin to notice your wandering away, you begin to receive opportunities to stay instead of going. In other words, you notice your thought patterns because it has become your highest priority, and you notice very early when you have begun to wander away from what you Are.

We rejoice in your doing this work, and it is our great joy to receive everything you have never needed. You seem to join us in the Light, but the truth is that you have always been here with us. You are finally allowing yourselves to see it now, and it is very beautiful to behold.

Photo by Grahame Jenkins on Unsplash

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