The Flow is always the solution The only thing you can judge is how you feel. Let that sink in. When you recognize this, you distinguish between the Real and the unreal. You allow true solutions in--solutions in which no one loses. You have a habitual posture of tensing up to defend against a world. Thoughts of ego have taught … Continue reading The Flow is always the solution

Let it overflow Allow the veil to become transparent. The veil is what you would hold up to block love. You become aware of the presence of the veil whenever you feel uncertainty, whenever you feel tempted to accuse, whenever you feel bored, whenever you feel frustrated. You have an ability to use in allowing the veil … Continue reading Let it overflow

Flow doesn’t hurt You are waking up to what is Real, and as you do so, waking up becomes about understanding clearly what hurts and what doesn't. When it becomes obvious to you that you suffer by choice, not because of what seems to be happening to you, you are willing to understand how that choice is … Continue reading Flow doesn’t hurt

The Flow everywhere, in everyone The experience of anger, pain, irritation or limitation means that you are choosing that experience. Why would you choose anger? You would choose anger because you are accustomed to seeing power in false power, in defense, in seeings all as separate, in the idea of a separate one managing separate things, a separate one … Continue reading The Flow everywhere, in everyone

Collective Awakening: An Online Gathering

  Collective Awakening: Beyond Cause & EffectSaturday, March 28, 20203-5pm, EST Inspiration and flow originate beyond the perception of cause and effect. We can allow ourselves to live life entirely in this flow. Join us on Zoom for meditation and discussion on living beyond the perception of cause and effect. If you would like to … Continue reading Collective Awakening: An Online Gathering

Allow the gate to disappear Egoic thoughts are gates. Your most natural state is allowing the flow of love through you, but when you believe an egoic thought, you close the gate to love's flow. You can only close the gate to love's flow if you believe your substitute--the ego--has something better to offer. This is all about you … Continue reading Allow the gate to disappear

Trust the Flow of this moment We invite you past the perception that you are "the fixer" or that if something is wrong, it must be fixed by a separate you.  We invite you past the perception that your fellow humans are all responsible in some way for fixing the problems of a planet. When we say this, we are … Continue reading Trust the Flow of this moment

Gently down the stream Whenever you feel fear or uneasiness about something temporary, something changeable, you are feeling your struggle to hold onto and make meaning from what is not real. You cannot make any sort of helpful meaning from the unreal--from a reaction to perceived conditions. We invite you to set down the burden of this trying. … Continue reading Gently down the stream

Trusting Flow and knowing it as yourSelf You are so very fortunate! The technology of awakening is very simple. You want to awaken because you want to be happy. Anytime you delay your awakening, you are confused, yet still you proceed further upon this road of awakening. As you proceed, you begin to see how very simple it is--how very simple … Continue reading Trusting Flow and knowing it as yourSelf

Look at resistance to find the Flow

Effortlessness. Flow. The flow feels wonderful. The flow promotes the highest good and supports all of your divine siblings. Then, in seeming contrast to that, there are feelings of resistance. We encourage you to own this resistance as it shows up. Say to yourself, "I chose to resist what I Am in an attempt to … Continue reading Look at resistance to find the Flow