No separation

Place yourself, in your mind’s eye, in a field. There is a tree twenty feet in front of you. There is you, and there’s that tree, but there’s actually no separation between you and that tree. It’s all conceptual. All separation occurs in concept, and separation was brought into being through the means of concept.

Just allow that to sink in for a moment.

Today we invite you to set down the notion of separation and to operate from what preceded that. We invite you to operate from the foundation of what allows the concept of separation.

When you set down the concept of separation, what comes into view is the one of us expressing itself in beautiful differentiation. This is a basis for appreciation, acceptance, and allowance. There is no sense of threat here. There is only the one of us exploring various guises.

But what about those guises that feel wrong? What about those guises that seem urgently in need of change? Your feelings about those guises are calling you to the whole, reflecting your own urgency back to you. If you want to do the most powerful thing to assist those beings reflecting those guises, abide in our wholeness and release them from their helpful job of reflecting back to you.

We are exaggerating a bit, by the way. Let’s say a one called pedophile and a one called victim  in your news are reflecting back to you a need to return to the whole. You do not actually hold them in their roles until you abide all the time where you actually have always been–until you heal your mind. They are surrounded by their own nonphysical teams, and they are always being assisted as much as they will allow. Through great suffering, one of them may instantly shed separation while still embodied and return to that consistent wholeness before you do in the timeline, thus assisting you. It is flexible that way. We want to give you the sense of how you are all doing this for each other, however.

It’s a simple return to love. That oneness–that absence of separation and anguish and conflict–that’s love. What would hold you back from trusting love right now? Allow it to arise. Hear its voice. Love is beyond all concept. Can you feel that place you visit many times a day in no-thought, in peace? Even the most frantic thinker visits this place many times a day. Can you allow it to occupy more of what you see as your space and time? Do you trust it? What would you allow to come into the foreground, to occupy your attention, instead of love? Is there truly anything other? Only in fiction.

Observe all the differentiation you have given yourself the experience of through this lifetime. Feel that for the space of a breath. Appreciate it. Feel into all the differentiation you have given yourself the experience of in other lifetimes. Feel into that for the space of the breath. Appreciate it. Feel the absence of judgment? In the absence of judgment, clear and smooth functioning is possible.

We invite you to delight in the experience of differentiation we have given ourselves. We invite you to move forward with the intention of playing lovingly and wide-awake with your playmates.

Now go to a place, a space, a period of time during this lifetime–a period of time during which you actually believed that one playmate was better than another, was better than you. Just feel the feeling of that. That’s disturbance. Disturbance alerts you. It tells you that you’ve got your head submerged in untruth. It feels bad. That’s why it’s helpful.

Feel into a place, a space, a period of time during another lifetime–a period of time during which you actually believed that one playmate was better than another, was better than you. Just feel into the feeling of that. There’s that disturbance again, that heart-hurt. It’s a helpful sensation. It means you’re not seeing things as they actually are.

You understand this alert now, don’t you? Can you see and feel how very helpful it is? Let’s give a namaste bow in thanks to the helpful function of the alert. When we bow in this fashion, we are recognizing our fundamental equality and shared power. No one needs to bow in this fashion. It is simply a helpful symbol you are allowing–an acknowledgment of the wholeness.

When you’re attuned to separation consciousness, it is very, very easy to take the heart-hurt and to attempt to ease it by blaming a playmate. You may blame societal structures built by your playmates. You may dig a hole and stand in it and declare yourself victim in order to ease this heart-hurt, to define and understand what you think is going on.

Just look at it. These attempts to ease heart-hurt lead to war, on a personal level and on a collective level. If you are in a timeline where any physical war is occurring anywhere, it’s your invitation to untangle the web of reaction to heart-hurt and to ease, in love and forgiveness, into sane response to heart-hurt.

It will be easy, at this point, to want to blame yourself for past reactivity to heart-hurt, so this is the perfect moment for us to playfully remind you–we are your playmates, after all–that the past doesn’t exist. It is only a concept. So why not let it go?

You are now easing into your power as a creator, and this is a quite wonderful thing. This is a time for great celebration. You are learning how to respond to heart-hurt as it arises. You are seeing reason. You are seeing reason to be playful. You are feeling the power of this now-moment. You are seeing how the past is gone. There is great freedom here!

Take just a moment, a breath of freedom with us on this mountaintop. Now release that freedom, that joy in playfulness, into your day today. There is no doubt that we will be walking with you. What opportunities to see anew will arise? Be curious. And remember your power, our power always, shared with you because it could be no other way.

Today we celebrate what we are!

Photo by Sebastian Drexel on Unsplash

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