Remain Here

You can’t go anywhere. It seems you can go somewhere, but you can’t. There is only one where, and it is here. There is only one when, and it is now. The power and purity of this Here and Now can never be overshadowed by a figment or a dream. All you need ever turn to as long as this dream seems to continue is the power and purity of what you Are. Eventually, instead of turning to it when the dream troubles you, you remain as it, and the dream, the dreaming, and the sense of the dreamer trouble you no more.

All of this movement that ego insists you enact, that ego invests with great importance…you can sit and question it. Notice how ego insists. Ego insists that conditions must be this way. Ego insists that conditions must be that way. Ego insists that only this way is acceptable. Ego insists that what seems to be happening now is unacceptable. Ego is disturbance, and disturbance is not you. You are the stillness. You are the vibrant, harmonious, ever-extending stillness. A stillness that extends seems to be a contradiction, but that which truly extends–Love–contains no disturbance.

We encourage you to sit with the feeling of urgency when it arises. Where would that urgency have you go? What would that urgency have you do? You don’t have to analyse or judge urgency’s instructions. Simply take a moment to ask that you be guided toward happiness. Where are urgency’s instructions taking you? Are they taking you to happiness? Happiness is always Now. From that basis of happiness, whatever needs to be said or done flows easily and without resistance.

We encourage you to look at the sense of “have to.” Do you feel the pressure there? Do you feel the confinement? It is the confinement and pressure of separate identity. As you accept a separate identity for yourself, so you project separate identities out for others. These borders and boundaries drawn upon what is truly joined and one forever are misperceptions. When you believe lies, you feel stress. It’s a handy thing. The stress you feel is all about these boundaries and border lines drawn by ego upon What Is. Look through the lines to the light, and allow the light to determine all.

We encourage you to look at that old chestnut “or else” as you go about your day today. When you catch yourself doing something with a feeling of urgency, is there an “or else” involved, a threat ego is holding over your head? Take a moment to look at the threat. Take a moment to send out the call: Allow me to see what is real. I am willing to surrender misperception. All of the doing follows from the seeing. When the doing doesn’t feel good, ask for help with the seeing, and all will take care of itself.

You have always been with us, Here and Now. Remember the power of what we are together, what you are together with all others, and accept our thanks for your willingness to see clearly.

Photo by kiki Wang on Unsplash


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