You are not here to be fixed

Your fear cannot be taken away from you, but you can surrender what you view to be a form of protection. Look at the distinction here. When you feel fear, there is also a belief that the act of blocking what truly Is is a useful and valuable thing. This belief must melt in order for you to hand fear over.

Think of a program to accept guns from people–weapons of defense that they don’t really need. Those running the program don’t go door to door and snatch the guns from the owners. When people surrender their guns, they are granted amnesty. There is no punishment for having particular kinds of guns. The program is simply there to accept what is not needed anymore. The willingness of the participants is key to the program.

So it is with fear. We can’t snatch it away from you in order to “fix” things. If anything needs to be fixed, it’s your perception. Perception is not fixed by declaring you incompetent when you are actually a great, pure and innocent creator. This would continue the misperception.

We can take the fear that you offer to us willingly, but we can’t simply go in and rewire you. This is a form of dominance that is out of alignment with who we truly are, and completely unnecessary. We are all equal, and all are capable of allowing the perception transformation that leads to the remembrance of wholeness.

To help you understand, no one walks for a toddling child. What would be the point? To move their legs for them makes no sense when they will have to do that on their own. You offer support as they learn, but you do not do the action of walking for them. It is the same with the release of fear. It would do no good to energetically “fix” you. We would never encourage you to see yourself as powerless.

A good teacher does not undermine the student. A good teacher is there to assist while the student discovers her power and ability. Think of fear as ropes tying you down. There you are, seemingly restricted by ropes. Our job is to teach you the power of your mind. Our job is to help you see that without moving a muscle or saying a word, these ropes can dissolve, and you will no longer have any experience of them.

How could we possibly teach you the power of your mind if we walk up to you with scissors and snip you free? We can’t. You would still see yourself as victim to the ropes, fortunately saved by someone stronger and more capable than you are.  A misperception would still be in place, and all misperception is fear. You would not be truly free in your sight.

Remember, you are truly free now and have always been truly free, but you have decided to perceive otherwise. Do you want to perceive truly today? Wanting to perceive truly is the foundation of the release of all fear.

You’re here to remember that you want to release fear–to essentially set down what  you picked up. You’re here to remember that the shining away of fear is your true heart’s desire, over and above anything phenomenal. If we were to take fearful perception from you, we would be treating you as powerless. Your willing surrender of fearful perception is essential.

Fear is an intention to see the whole as broken up into separate parts. Find your willingness to see all as it truly is, as it always has been, and you find the key to the shining away of fear. Fear is the granddaddy of all illusions. You can’t have illusions without the intention to see things as they aren’t. Fear is not powerful at all. In fact, it depends 100% on your power to run. See that it is completely useless to run on illusion, and fear disappears into the nothingness that it has always been.

There has a be a true willingness to see the Whole–to see what you actually are. When this is what you want above all else, then you give away the toy you have been playing with. You have to surrender it willingly. When you let go of the toy, what we can do, energetically speaking, is to remove it from your sight.

It is our great joy to serve you as you remember your power, and it is a very beautiful thing to watch as you remember who you are. You are the power that shines all fear away, and it is our delight to share in that power with you.

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

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