Trust the Flow of this moment We invite you past the perception that you are "the fixer" or that if something is wrong, it must be fixed by a separate you.  We invite you past the perception that your fellow humans are all responsible in some way for fixing the problems of a planet. When we say this, we are … Continue reading Trust the Flow of this moment

Allowing world transformation Peace is your inheritance and the inheritance of all. In other words, all are truly wealthy. When you feel disturbed, Peace is always much, much closer than you think. Conditions in a storyline do not have to be worked out before you can experience Peace. Peace is your nature, and it is your content. … Continue reading Allowing world transformation

Find your willingness for the undoing We invite you today to observe and feel the force that encourages you to view everything and everyone as separate and as having unequal value. Notice how ego tells you that it will sort everything out, make sense of everything, and tell you what to do. The voice of ego must be critical and … Continue reading Find your willingness for the undoing

Gently down the stream Whenever you feel fear or uneasiness about something temporary, something changeable, you are feeling your struggle to hold onto and make meaning from what is not real. You cannot make any sort of helpful meaning from the unreal--from a reaction to perceived conditions. We invite you to set down the burden of this trying. … Continue reading Gently down the stream

Emerging from fantasy Love is here. Love is now. Love is ever-present. When you allow fear or any of its variants to take over, you act as if Love doesn't exist, as if it is not available and more powerful than anything phenomenal to which you assign power. Let's take criticism as an example. Criticism is a … Continue reading Emerging from fantasy

Your invitation to perpetual stability You did it. You didn't do it. Consider the impact of these statements. If the "it" is judged as bad, the first statement is an invitation to guilt, and the second statement is an invitation to temporary relief. If the "it" is judged as good, the statements' invitations are reversed. Any relief coming from … Continue reading Your invitation to perpetual stability

Allowing clarity It is not necessary for you to understand love. It is not necessary for you to be able to define love. Love simply Is. Your acceptance of Love as the only Reality is far more beneficial than any intellectual probing to try to capture an image of it. Love is One, as you are … Continue reading Allowing clarity

What do you want for Christmas? What you want more than any particular thing is happiness and ease. The only way to invite lasting happiness and ease is through willingness to have your perception corrected. What you experience and how you see the world is directly related to what you are willing to see and how you are willing to … Continue reading What do you want for Christmas?

The space of willingness Everything is perfectly lined up for you. Have faith and trust that whatever is on your path, it is for you. If this is true of you, it is true of all. Whatever seems to be on someone's path is for that one and will serve the Whole. This means there are no victims. When … Continue reading The space of willingness