A fresh mind

Bring to this moment a fresh mind. A fresh mind is untroubled by concepts of the past. A fresh mind is unburdened by an obligation to figure anything out. A fresh and open mind comes with the certainty that all support needed is provided in every moment. A fresh mind allows all others a clear way forward.

Let go of what you don’t need from the past. We are here to help you with this. Unburdened by data you accumulated in the past, deeming it to be useful, you can hear and follow the communication that comes to you from the Now moment. The communication that comes to you from the Now moment frees you and all of your fellows, without exception. There is nothing of this world more joy-giving than the rediscovery and the sharing of your own glorious freedom, the freedom that belongs equally to all.

Here in this open space, you can be assisted. You can be assisted into the thinking that prevents you from accumulating further conceptual chains. You remain an open channel, ready to allow the thoughts that bring on the experience of healing. As you allow yourself to be healed, you share that healing with others. As you realize there is nothing to fear, you share that awareness with all.

Without the burden of past thought, you can receive communication that assists you joyfully through every situation in which you find yourself. Without the burden of past concepts, you show up in every situation happy, a beacon for clarity. You are happy because you are so loved and supported in every moment beyond all concept, and you know deeply this is true of all others. You are happy because you know there is nothing to be happy about in terms of the physical world, and therefore you are not subject to it. This freedom sings, and that song of freedom is heard and appreciated by all your fellows. It is a call back to who they are, something they could never quite forget, something they are happy to remember.

You are always perfectly placed, in exactly the situation that will most help you and others. Remember that every situation you are in today can help to clear unneeded conceptual sludge from your awareness. Celebrate the opportunity and allow all the assistance that is available to you today.

We rejoice that you are hearing what is True, and we will always be here to communicate that Truth to you.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “A fresh mind

  1. This post is such a gem — You show up in every situation happy, a beacon of clarity! WOW!!!! Thank you – i pray to clear “unneeded conceptual sludge” and smile in this very moment as a joyful butterfly dancing in the being of love. Thank you for taking me there with your words and sharing. love and hugs! 🙂

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  2. You may think i am your mother
    Your grandmother, your teacher
    Your friend, your sister
    A passer-by on the street to nowhere
    But i know who i am

    a yellow butterfly
    dancing in the freedom
    Of empty awareness
    This very moment

    Smiling in the light
    Of radiant clarity,
    Resting in the love
    That is
    My very Being

    Thank you, dear Julie for this blessing. 🙂

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